BioWare May Have Teased Dragon Age 4 In A Recent Tweet, The Long Awaited Dragon Age 4 May Be Closer Then You Think

BioWare May Have Teased Dragon Age 4 In A Recent Tweet, The Long Awaited Dragon Age 4 May Be Closer Then You Think
Credit: BioWare

It has long been rumored that Dragon Age 4 had been revived due to the failure of Anthem. As BioWare moved towards the 10th anniversary of Dragon Age, confirmation has been made with some future information to be revealed on December 4.

BioWare seems to be holding a party on that date to celebrate the 10th birthday of the beloved series. Dragon Age: Origins was the first game of the series, and it was born into the digital world on November 3, 2009. Dragon Age II followed two years later with Dragon Age: Inquisition ending the series in 2014.

The reference was hidden within the Tweet where fans would quickly find it. In the last few words, it reads that fans should tune in for “Dragon 4ge Day!” Four is a common replacement for the letter “A” in leetspeak. This clever use of the internet language is the hint that is driving the fan’s hopes up for more information on the game.

The timing is interesting as last year in December, BioWare released the first teaser trailer for Dragon Age 4. This sets a precedent for information to be released, so fans are now counting down to the day listed on the tweet.

It should be noted that The Game Awards will be returning on December 12, but there is no word on if Dragon Age 4 will be at the event. You can view the awards online in 37 days, so keep an eye on the main Game Award website.

Even with the news on the horizon, fans will still have a while before the game is released. Electric Arts recently confirmed that Dragon Age 4 is still two or maybe more years away from release. The game has been in the works for quite a while, and some of the core team that worked on the previous games are back for the new one.

Although the franchise has not seen a new release since 2014, fans are still excited. Dragon Age: Inquisition was well-received upon its release, with many saying it was a commercial success. This brings high hopes into play for the release of Dragon Age 4 as fans get ready for a new adventure through another epic tale.

Keep the 12/4 marked as the date gets closer. If you have not played the original games, you can find them on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. There are only three games to play, but they are deceptively long and will take several months to complete each epic questline and carve your own story in the world of Dragon Age.