The Developer Of Battlefield 5 Recently Shared Details On Why People Leave Its Online Matches

The Developer Of Battlefield 5 Recently Shared Details On Why People Leave Its Online Matches
Credit: IGN via YouTube

When you think of first-person shooters, one series that’s usually near the top is Battlefield. It has gone toe to toe with the Call of Duty series for years now. Every year, the developers tweak various aspects that keep fans coming back for more. The most recent installment is Battlefield 5. Unfortunately, it was met with a lot of mixed reviews at launch.

Despite there being a ton of technical issues, the developer EA Dice hasn’t given up on the game. They’ve done their best to introduce updates regularly, whether it’s to improve the servers or the overall combat experiences in online matches. The online portion of the game — in particular — has caused a lot of frustration for players. Just recently, EA Dice took some time to explain why people often quit out right during a match.

According to many gamers, rage quitting is becoming a regular problem because of being shot in the back. When you’re moving throughout Battlefield 5’s open-ended environments, you can get shot in the back without having a fighting chance. This happens time and time again for a lot of users. Needless to say, the community is growing fed up with this combat design. That’s why EA Dice wants to adjust this part of gameplay.

More specifically, they want to give players a better fighting chance. Even if players don’t identify nearby enemies quick enough, the developers want to still give them the ability to defend themselves with competency. How they plan to go about doing that is a mystery? It is refreshing to see EA Dice taking an interest in an issue that has been present for such a long time now, though.

Another topic that’s been debated by the community ever since Battlefield 5 first launched is the long-range shooting. Sure, getting sniped by a weapon intended for long-range tactics is perfectly normal and to be expected if you’re walking out in the open. It’s when you get picked off with a short-range weapon from great distances that is a major problem.

These are the sort of issues EA Dice is looking to overcome as they get ready for their major update, 5.2. Will it be enough to give users optimal experiences online? That remains to be seen, but EA Dice is adamant on listening to the community and doing everything they can to make up for their mistakes. It’s important that they do given that there won’t be another Battlefield game any time soon.