The Developer Is Working To Fix A Major Complaint In Death Stranding With Latest Update

The Developer Is Working To Fix A Major Complaint In Death Stranding With Latest Update
Credit: Game Clips And Tips via YouTube

Not too many games are like Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding. It’s one of the most bizarre and yet oddly addicting games to come out in some time. Experiencing the story as Sam — played by Norman Reedus — is a pretty surreal experience. If you’re not familiar with the story, he’s pretty much responsible for delivering connections to a fragmented society as a way to unite everyone like they were once before.

Naturally in a game about delivery, there’s a lot of walking. Even still, the act of keeping Sam balanced and using his baby companion B.B. as a guide keep you immersed in the experience the entire time. Since the game launched back early November, fans have enjoyed their time with this action game. There is one chief complaint from a lot of players, though. That is the tiny text for the user interface and game menus. Some of the text is downright impossible to read, especially on the PS4 platform.

Fortunately, the tiny text issue isn’t going unnoticed. Kojima Productions took the time to address these common concerns on Twitter just recently, where they said a major update is coming in December. In this update, players will be able to change the text based on their particular preferences. The intention here is to make Death Stranding’s gameplay as user-friendly as possible. No longer will you have to squint or get out your reading glasses when rummaging through emails or reading dialogue from characters.

That’s not the only change happening with the December update, either. Kojima Productions also said it’s working on making individual vehicles disposable. This is huge if you’ve spent any substantial time with Death Stranding’s shared world experiences. You have the ability to see other players’ past creations, which gives Death Stranding a unique appeal that not a lot of other games have had before.

These shared experiences become problematic with abandoned vehicles, though. For example, you may need to reach a certain area and an abandoned vehicle could be blocking your passage. Being able to dispose of the vehicle on command lets you resume your mission or exploration.

These two improvements may seem minor, but the community has wanted them for nearly a month now. It’s comforting to see Kojima Productions taking action and making this unique work even better. It really is a distinct gaming experience that you have to try at least once. As the game gets a little older, you can bet the gameplay will be even better.