The Next Specialist Role In Red Dead Online Is A Moonshiner; Will Be Available On December 13

The Next Specialist Role In Red Dead Online Is A Moonshiner; Will Be Available On December 13
Credit: MrBossFTW via YouTube

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most detailed and content-rich games you can find today. There are just so many things to do and see in this latest offering from Rockstar. A huge aspect of this game — like the previous installments — is Red Dead Online. Once you get done with the game’s main story, you can venture off into the online portion and find new content.

Time and time again, Red Dead Online gets updates that change the way players approach the game. It’s happening again with a new specialist role. Starting December 13, players will be able to take on the role of a moonshiner. The role is part of a new Frontier Pursuit, which comes to Xbox One, PS4, PC, and even Google Stadia.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to participate in the underground workings of manufacturing and shipping moonshine, then this is the specialist role for you. It’s surprising that we haven’t been able to experience such a role thus far in the game, but it’s as they say: Better late than never.

Rockstar just shared some specifics on this role for those interested in checking it out. In the description, Rockstar says the moonshiner role is a great fit for those taking the Trader path. They then go on to explain ways players can get this new role started. First, players must purchase a shack for their moonshining operations.

There are a lot of challenges that will be presented your way, such as getting your moonshine mix right and avoiding encounters with the law. If you’re able to be successful, you’ll have the chance to open up your own bar where your moonshine can be sold. In addition to buying a moonshine shack equipped with a full basement, this role lets you acquire new skills and experience story missions.

The role sounds like a pretty authentic experience that gives you a taste of what the moonshining business is all about. Rockstar always seems to come through when it comes to these sort of updates. They’re always introducing new content for players to keep their online experiences going in some novel way.

Who knows what sort of mission stories and roles they’ll come out with next? Rockstar is really hitting their stride, even after their PC launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 started off a little rocky. They seem to be doing everything in their power to please the community on all fronts.