The Cop RPG Disco Elysium Is Getting A New Hardcore Mode, Which Is Great For Advanced Players

The Cop RPG Disco Elysium Is Getting A New Hardcore Mode, Which Is Great For Advanced Players
Credit: Disco Elysium via YouTube

Disco Elysium is one of the better RPGs to feature cops. Its open-world environment instantly draws you into an underground world of crime, deceit, and cruelty. As a detective, it is your job to investigate a series of murders that have shaken up the block. Like any true detective, you have bevvy of skills to draw upon.

The possibilities of investigation are vast, which gives this game exceptional re-playability. You also have a choice in how you approach the investigative nature of this game, whether you want to play the hero or just do what has to be done at the expense of others.

It was just announced that this incredibly in-depth game by ZA/UM is getting a hardcore mode. That’s great news if you’re looking for a challenge and want to feel immense satisfaction after cracking each case.

The hardcore mode isn’t for the novice, though. Rather, you’ll probably only want to try it out if you have spent hours exploring Disco Elysium’s gritty worlds and interacting with some of its inhabitants. The developer has broken down what type of experiences this new hardcore mode is bringing to the table.

For starters, you’re going to have a lot less money. This means not being able to fund a lot of purchases, which will certainly make it quite difficult to progress through the game. Rather than buying the latest and greatest gear, you’ll have to get by on just your wits for most of the game.

The developer also noted that players are going to fail a lot more when hardcore mode is active. To some, that might be off-putting. However, if you fancy yourself an advanced Disco Elysium player, you’re probably on the edge of your seat thinking about how much fun the added difficulty will be to conquer. If you fall into this category, hats off to you. Just note there will probably be some hair-pulling at some point. That’s to be expected, it seems.

Critical-thinking also will be a commodity you need to cash in on early to be successful in cracking the murder cases. Every puzzle will be much more difficult to solve. Through trial and error — though — you may just be able to come out on the other side a better detective. Or not.

As it stands now, the hardcore mode is currently live. If you’ve enjoyed your time in this well-designed world, get ready for some even more difficult action.