The Classic Rail Shooter Panzer Dragoon Is Being Remade For The PC; Will Be Out Later In The Year

The Classic Rail Shooter Panzer Dragoon Is Being Remade For The PC; Will Be Out Later In The Year
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

Panzer Dragoon was a pretty amazing game at the time of its release in 1995. It was introduced on the Sega Saturn and has a rail-shooter design. The mechanics are simple, but even still, it’s a fun game to play when you’re in the mood for some fun gameplay elements.

It’s now 2019. Games have changed quite a bit since the original release of Panzer Dragoon. Fans have had a lot of sequels to enjoy, but for the first time, a re-make of the original is coming to PC. It’s being made by MegaPixel Studio S.A. and is being published by Forever Entertainment S.A.

If you played the original many years ago, this is exciting news. The remake will boast improved gameplay elements and visuals. Seeing the fantasy-like elements take form on a PC seems like a recipe for success. The Steam page shows beautiful, crystal-clear graphics. There is a lot of variety with the environments you’ll be flying over on your dragon, from blue waters to ancient ruins.

There are seven different levels you’ll get to pilot through. The remake is also introducing new and improved 360-degree controls. They should make flying on a dragon and engaging in combat a more immersive experience. You’ll also have an easier time attacking enemies on all sides.

If you remember from the original, the story follows a character named Keil. He’s a member of a hunter party who encounters two dragons fighting, a blue and black one. The blue dragon — called Solo Wing — suffers defeat and its rider entrusts Keil with it. Keil must then go on an epic adventure to stop the Dark Dragon and its rider, who’re trying to reactivate an evil and ancient ruin.

The story was received well back when this game originally released, and you can bet fans will love experiencing it again — only with better graphics and gameplay mechanics. There isn’t an official release date for this rail shooter just yet, but according to Steam, fans can expect a winter release.

It was also confirmed by the publisher that the second game is being remade. That’s great news if you’ve followed this series ever since the beginning. Even if you’re not familiar with its lore, Panzer Dragoon: Remake seems like a fun experience to check out on PC. The environments are beautifully detailed, and the flight/combat mechanics seem to have been perfected in this remake. Let’s see if it can live up to the high bar set by the original.