The Beta For Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Is Currently Underway For PS4 Users

The Beta For Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Is Currently Underway For PS4 Users
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Monster Hunter: World was a huge success for Capcom at launch. The sheer size of its open-world environments brought people in, but it was the combat and monsters that continue to excite players even to this day. This action-adventure RPG has been one of the better games for Capcom in recent memory.

As if this game wasn’t enough, the developers are fixing to roll out the expansion pack, Iceborne. It officially releases September 6 for major consoles, but PlayStation 4 users have the chance to play the beta at this current moment. It’s the perfect time to get a feel for the themes and monster designs that the developers were going for. You don’t even have to be a PlayStation Plus member.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for this expansion pack, it’s said to be just as massive as the base game. That’s pretty incredible for an expansion pack. It should give fans of the series plenty of content to explore and monsters to track down.

The monsters are what bring many to this storied series, and this expansion pack seems to be pulling out all of the stops in that regard. A new big-bad is being included in this DLC. It’s an elder dragon named Velkhana. Judging by its visuals in the trailer announcement, it looks to be formidable. One can only imagine you’ll need to team up with fellow monster hunters to take it down, or at the very least, have a high-level character.

Tigrex is a returning monster that has always been a fan-favorite. Finally, players will get to go toe-to-toe with Shrieking Legiana, a new variant that can use heavy windows to slow down prey. As you can imagine, you’ll have to be sharp and aware of your surroundings when approaching these mythical beasts. Overall, they look like a great addition that should make this expansion pack novel right out of the gate.

In terms of the locale called Hoarfrost Reach, it depicts a desolate land filled with snow and ice. These elements certainly are a nice change from what was featured in the base game. In addition to having to survive monster attacks, you’ll have to brave the elements and find the will to survive.

The beta will include both single and multiplayer content, as well as new combos for combat and Tailraiders that can be summoned and ridden. If you’re looking to get a taste of this pretty in-depth DLC, check out the beta right now. You won’t be disappointed.