The Beloved Platformer Rayman Legends Is Now Free Via Uplay For A Limited Time

The Beloved Platformer Rayman Legends Is Now Free Via Uplay For A Limited Time
Credit: IGN via YouTube

There are a lot of amazing platformers currently available, which is great if you’re one of those gamers that likes unique traversal systems and compelling environments. One of the better offerings in this regard is Rayman Legends, the fifth main title in the long-running series. It originally released in 2013 and for the most part, received positive reviews for its stages and platforming mechanics.

If you haven’t had the chance to check it out just yet, you’ll be happy to know it’s now free for a limited time through Ubisoft’s Uplay platform. All you need to do is have an account. If you don’t, setting one up isn’t that difficult and can be done within minutes. From there, you’ll be able to download Rayman Legends straight your your Uplay library. The game will only be free until April 4, so if you’re looking for some fun traversal action, now’s the time to strike.

The game takes place exactly a century after the events in Rayman Origins. Rayman and his friends have been sleeping throughout the years, but are suddenly awakened by the nightmares from the Bubble Dreamer. Now, the Magician has been split into five Dark Teensies, and it’s up to Rayman and his companions to put a stop to their evil ways before his world is destroyed by corruption.

As far as gameplay, it’s as good as it has ever been. You’ll move through beautifully detailed stages with a wide variety of playable characters. These include Rayman, the Teensies, Globox, and Barbara. Each one has a unique set of skills that help them defeat enemies and move throughout the various stages.

There is also an assist character named Murfy the greenbottle, who can perform a bevvy of actions that will help your characters move forward. After freeing the Teensies, you’ll gain access to a new world. They’re pretty varied and definitely keep gameplay fresh.

There is a total of 120 levels, with around 40 of them being remastered versions from Rayman Origins. That’s plenty of content you have to look forward to for absolutely no charge. It’s great seeing this amazing platformer being offered for free while everyone around the world is in self-quarantine.

Despite these dark times, publishers, developers, and gamers have banded together. That’s inspiring to see and shows you what the gaming industry is truly capable of. You can expect more free offerings like this in the weeks to come.