Thanks To Latest Patch, Players In Ghost Recon Breakpoint Can Customize Their Character Any Time They Want

Thanks To Latest Patch, Players In Ghost Recon Breakpoint Can Customize Their Character Any Time They Want
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Breakpoint is the latest game in the Ghost Recon series. Unfortunately, it was met with mixed reviews. Some portions really have their fun moments, such as the decent gun mechanics and competent progression system. Others don’t shine so brightly like the bevvy of bugs and limited enemy AI.

Ubisoft — despite receiving some backlash — hasn’t given up on the game. They have included several updates since launch and even plan on re-hauling the game completely. Somehow, even after the success of Ghost Recon Wildlands, they missed the mark with this latest installment.

They have since gone on to acknowledge this and just unveiled another patch. One of the biggest changes in update is the ability to change your character at any point during the game. For example, you could be in the middle of a mission and decide to change the complete structure of your face.

Or, if you’re feeling bold enough and want a completely new visual appearance, you could swap your sex on a dime. The freedom to change your character on a whim gives rise to new possibilities. This new cosmetics change system comes after the community has requested more custom character options.

Ubisoft took these requests to heart and quickly implemented changes in Breakpoint, which players have seemed to enjoy thus far. There are a lot of YouTube channels showing drastic character changes midway through a mission. It instantly gives Breakpoint a unique appeal that not a lot of other tactical shooters have.

In addition to this swap-at-any-time design, players in Breakpoint also have access to more customization options. More specifically, there are many more items to build an outfit. This is a welcomed change because previously, players had to earn these outfit options through progression or they could just pay for them outright.

Lastly, this update is introducing a lot of bug fixes. Breakpoint may have started off a little rocky, but Ubisoft is still committed to the project. They want to give fans an amazing tactical shooter experience, even if that means putting more time and resources into this game.

Can this latest update save the title? That remains to be seen. It’s still refreshing to see Ubisoft take initiative and right their wrongs. Even without these updates, there are still some really great aspects of Breakpoint. The game’s main setting — Aurora — is a fun island to explore and upgrading your gun never ceases to be fun. Even better, more updates are on the way.