Playstation 5 News: Console’s Reported Price And Specs Make Gamers A Winner Over Building A PC

Playstation 5 News: Console’s Reported Price And Specs Make Gamers A Winner Over Building A PC
Credit: MrDalekJD via YouTube

The latest PlayStation 5 news has given gamers a glimpse of what specs to expect from it. And with its rumored price, there is indeed a big reason to consider the next Sony Interactive Entertainment console.

Based on the leaks and reports that have come out, the PS5 may carry a price tag of $499. Accordingly, this is the most affordable unit to be offered.

With such a price, many gamers have been wondering if it would be wise to buy it. Or, they may stick to their plan of building a gaming PC using the same budget.

Being in the market for more than two decades, the Sony-manufactured product has been getting innovations every time a new variant is introduced. By Nov. 20, 2020, various news reports claimed that the PlayStation 5 model would be launched finally.

The highly anticipated PS5 console is said to be boasting remarkable specifications. Its CPU will feature AMD’s Zen 2 architecture. This means that it is as powerful as the Ryzen 7 3700x processor. This has the power to deliver high-performance, courtesy of its eight cores paired with 16 threads.

When it comes to storage capacity, the latest PlayStation 5 news has provided an interesting detail. It has been surmised that its SSD would be capable of storing a considerable amount of data. There could be a variant that would come with a 1 TB or 2 TB SSD.

Getting such a large storage capacity at an affordable price would be a competitive advantage for the Sony device. If gamers would build a PC equipped with a 1 TB or 2 TB SSD, they could be spending more. Thus, buying the PS5 could be a wise decision if rumors were true.

To give a more precise description of the comparison between the PlayStation 5 and building a gaming PC, check this out:

Other PlayStation 5 Specs

• GPU is the custom, Navi-based model

• The memory is 8 GB. This is in GDDR6.

• To connect components that require high-speed capability, the device has the 4.0 model of PCIe.

These features could be enjoyed in PS5 for a price of US$499. On the other hand, if gamers opt to build a PC with a budget of US$600, they could get the following:

Gaming PC Specs

• Its CPU would be an eight-core processor, particularly the Ryzen 5 3600.

• Its GPU would be an AMD brand, the RX 5700.

• Its memory would still be at 8 GB. However, it would only be a DDR4.

• To connect components, the 3.0 version of PCIe would be used.

These specs between the forthcoming PlayStation device and a personally built PC may help gamers with their decision. If PlayStation 5 news reports were right, purchasing it could be the wiser move.