Temtem Is A Combination Of All The Best Parts Of Your Favorite Pokemon Game And Animal Crossing

Temtem Is A Combination Of All The Best Parts Of Your Favorite Pokemon Game And Animal Crossing
Credit: Crema via YouTube

Temtem is a game inspired by the generations of Pokemon titles that exist out there, and they are trying to take the whole genre to a brand new level. This means all sorts of familiarity mixed in with some new things you might end up loving more than the original.

Tomorrow, Temtem will release on an open beta for Steam, which means everyone can get out there and give the crazy game a new try. If that’s what you want to do anyway. One of the best parts about this game is that it happens to be a massively multiplayer online game that you can get out there and meet your friends in. So basically it is like a Pokemon Go but without all the walking around. That’s great.

The game features dozens if not hundreds of cute capturable creatures that you can find and train. Then you can teach them to battle and go out and fight your friends as you move through the world of Temtem.

There are some other major differences in Temtem too. For starters, you fight with two of the creatures at once instead of just once. That opens up a lot of cool dynamics that Pokemon never had the opportunity to play with. Imagine combining different monster’s abilities to make different things happen.

And that is exactly where Temtem ended up going. In the game you can totally string together dozens of different combos from your creatures within the game, trying to make something amazing happen and defeat the person you’re having a battle against. It’s a lot of work, but it will totally pay off one day.

Another really interesting and dynamic feature is that every tamer within the game will have their own house that they can customize and put things in. So it’s got a bit of that Animal Crossing thing going on, and that can be an absolutely joy for those of us who are looking to kick back, hang out, battle monsters, and just grow in our own cuddly little worlds with all of the monsters.

Temtem first got its start on Kickstarter and, after amassing thousands of dollars worth of donations, it moved onto the phase it is in now. It’s just so cool. The game will one day be released on the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to keep an eye out! They say it will finally drop in 2021. Absolutely incredible.