Team17 And Astral Pixel Announce Upcoming Super Magbot For PC

Team17 And Astral Pixel Announce Upcoming Super Magbot For PC
Credit: Team17 via YouTube

Publisher Team 7 and developer Astral Pixel announced they’re teaming up to release Super Magbot on PC via Steam. The announcement was made on social media and with a YouTube video. The video gives players a sample of some of the gameplay along with the challenging puzzles.

Super Magbot is a 2D platformer where jumping isn’t allowed. Players must use magnets to run through each level quickly. Robots are heavy, and in this game, they aren’t very agile. Players have to harness the power of magnets to move around each level as quickly as possible.

Magnets are used to pull the robot protagonist towards platforms and across other obstacles. Magnetic force is also used to repel over obstacles and boost the robot through the air. There are eight different magnets with various abilities.

The game takes place in the system of Magnetia, which is in trouble. A terrible villain is tearing through the galaxy and causing destruction in is path. It’s all up to Super Magbot to save the day. Super Magbot is powered with both positive and negative magnetic polarities. The protagonist has to navigate a complicated system of platforming environments to save his homeplanet Mag Tek

Super Magbot contains over 100 unique levels through four different worlds that offer a challenging experience. There are some additional activities, such as collecting additional energy as a bonus.

The game is currently scheduled for release on PC. No other platforms are listed on the game’s official website.

Those who want to stay tuned to the development of the game onto PC can sign up to the Team17 newsletter or follow Astral Pixel on social media or Discord.

Super Magbot is Astral Pixel’s first game. The developer is a two-brother team, but there are additional sound developers and another artist working on the game. It’s unknown what the developers’ future plans are for the game, including if there is any upcoming DLC or updates.

Team17 is an indie publisher that has released several popular titles, such as the Hello Neighbor franchise, Overcooked, and more. The publisher works with smaller developers to release diverse games into long-lasting series.

Super Magbot will be available on PC via Steam in 2021. Players can add the game to their wishlists now.