Team Solo Mid Moved Treatz To Starting Lineup Over Biofrost In Week 6 Of LCS Summer Split

Team Solo Mid Moved Treatz To Starting Lineup Over Biofrost In Week 6 Of LCS Summer Split
Credit: TSM via YouTube

Although TSM haven’t had a picturesque 2020 Summer Split, the League of Legends team has maintained a steady spot in the push for the playoffs. The perennial LCS champions, however, made another big roster move today by switching out support Biofrost for Erik “Treatz” Wessén.

Biofrost will be taking Treatz’s place on TSM’s Academy squad for the time being. It’s unknown if Treatz will stay on the LCS team past this upcoming weekend or if Biofrost will return to the main roster for week seven.

Biofrost is tied with Golden Guardians’ Huhi for the most deaths of any LCS support right now with 30. The 23-year-old support also leads supports with the highest average share of team deaths with 26.3 percent of TSM’s overall deaths.

TSM sit in third place with a 6-4 record. They were on a four-game win streak before their recent 0-2 weekend.

Treatz is coming in after spending just over a year with TSM’s Academy team. His stats are impressive in Academy and the team is flourishing in first place.

He leads all Academy supports with 113 assists, the highest KDA in his role, and a sky-high 74.4 percent kill participation percentage. Many fans and analysts believe he has plenty of potential to become a successful LCS pro—and now he has a chance to prove it.

Team Solo Mid went through significant roster changes in the offseason, jungler Spica gave his insight about the situation recently after a win against CLG.

“I mean, obviously a win’s a win—I wouldn’t say we really performed well, I think we definitely could have done better,” Spica said. “Like there’s a lot of like holes in our gameplay that we could all improve on. So, while we are slowly improving, I think there’s a lot of still a lot of room for growth. I think just as we play more, we’ll just slowly get better.”

Staying hungry for success is always important—even when you’re excelling in the regular season standings—and a young jungler like Spica is likely familiar with needing to constantly improve. This team’s evolution has taken quite a while, but it does feel like TSM’s roster is gelling together quite nicely.

Spica attributes this recent upswing to finding a playstyle that every member agrees to. Throughout these past few years, a huge criticism of TSM is that each lineup didn’t seem to have a real focus, whether it was on early game dominance or playing through bottom lane. Luckily, the team has agreed that the mid lane is the best place to start taking over a match.

“We had a team conversation about what is actually our team playstyle,” Spica said. “When you think of C9, you think of early game aggression. When you think of TL, you think of mid game or late game macro. So, we really tried to find what’s best for us, and I think we decided as a team that we’re better as an early game team—we play through mid and then we just affect the side lanes like that.”