Team Liquid’s Broxah Has His Visa Finally Approved After 3 Weeks Of LCS 2020

Team Liquid’s Broxah Has His Visa Finally Approved After 3 Weeks Of LCS 2020
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Liquid might see a breath of hope soon enough with Broxah arriving for Week 4 of LCS.

The legendary ex-Fnatic jungler was stuck in Europe after his visa to the USA was not approved.

On Thursday Broxah announced that his visa has been approved and that it has never been a better day.

“Obviously, I couldn’t be any happier about that,” Broxah said. “It’s such a relief, as well, that I finally have my visa and that I can actually soon travel to LA and then join up with my team and get to participate.”

It’s unclear if the jungler will start this weekend, but the news is certainly enough to uplift Liquid and the organization’s fans.

Australian Liquid Academy jungler Shern “Shernfire” Tai has been trying to hold down the fort in Broxah’s absence, but the team’s 2-2 start falls far below expectations. Since it’s still early in the split, however, Broxah’s dominating presence may be enough to propel Liquid back to the top.

Since starting the application process in November, Broxah and several other LCS and LCS Academy players and coaches who are first-time applicants have encountered issues applying for P-1A and other employment visas. On Jan. 29, Evil Geniuses released jungler Kadircan “Kadir” Mumcuoğlu from their Academy lineup after his visa application was declined. Kadir is from The Netherlands.

With Shernfire, Liquid — who have been consecutive North American champions for the past four splits — have started their season 2-2 in the LCS. The team moved former mid laner and current positional coach Eugene “Pobelter” Park into the jungle role as an additional backup for Broxah, as well as signed jungler Michael “MikeYeung” Yeung. MikeYeung has filled in for Shernfire on Team Liquid Academy the first two weeks and Pobelter has not played a game for Liquid or Liquid Academy.

Many pundits are looking forward to the LCS debut of the 22-year-old who had a great 2019 season with Fnatic. Broxah went undefeated on Lee Sin in the LEC Summer Split and had a 4.72 KDA, according to Leaguepedia. With Lee very much a part of the gank heavy meta, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Broxah bring out the Blind Monk in his LCS debut.

While it is unclear whether Broxah will be able to turn around Team Liquids bad first few weeks, one thing is for sure, he was a world finalist and his experience will be way more valuable than Shernfire/MikeYung experience and gameplay.