Team Liquid Might Sub In Pobelter As A Jungler For The First Couple Of Weeks Of LCS 2020

Team Liquid Might Sub In Pobelter As A Jungler For The First Couple Of Weeks Of LCS 2020
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Team Liquid is facing visa issues for both the main roster jungler, Broxah, and the academy roster jungler, Shernfire.

During the last year, there have been additional checks in order to obtain a visa in US, and many teams are currently struggling to obtain the visas in time for the next LCS season.

At first, the community thought that it was just a meme, but upon observing Pobelter’s League of Legends profile, many have noticed that he has been practicing the jungler role consistently over the past few days.

While this is not an 100% indication that Pobelter might be jungling, it is a possibility considering Team Liquid doesn’t have any other backup junglers.

Pobelter came back to Team Liquid after he was left teamless as a positional coach role initially. But considering the circumstances, the sub jungler role for the first weeks of LCS is a possibility.

Pobelter began his professional career in August 2011 by playing top lane for Team Curse at the time. After a year on the top lane island, he swapped to mid lane and joined another unknown team at the time. He kept changing teams every couple of months until December 2013, where he joined Evil Geniuses and stayed with them for two years.

Under Evil Geniuses, Pobelter developed a lot and improved both his in-game shotcalling skills and both his capabilities. He was also winning most 1v1 tournaments at the time against other top players in the region. He was considered a prodigy.

In December 2015, Immortals joined LCS and formed a super squad. In the first splits, they looked like a middle of the pack team, but after replacing their coach, they became a contender quickly for the LCS champion title and held top 3 throughout all the season.

In 2017 they had a world’s appearance and despite being seeded in a favorable group and having a 2-1 start, they fluked in the second week and couldn’t get out of groups. After Immortals was not accepted into the franchised LCS of 2018, Pobelter joined Team Liquid.

Under the Team Liquid organization, Pobelter flourished and showed why he was a young prodigy, but after one year of play, the team decided to replace him with Jensen, the ex-C9 mid laner who showed better play both domestically and internationally.

While Pobelter does not have any professional jungler experience, he does have extensive top/mid lane experience, which allows him to see the game from a jungler perspective with a broader view.

Hopefully, Team Liquid will manage to sort the visa issues out and the junglers will be back sooner than later, otherwise it might affect their standings with no point of return.