Super Mario Maker 2 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch, And It Looks Amazing

Super Mario Maker 2 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch, And It Looks Amazing
Credit: AntMan3001 via Flickr (license)

The Nintendo Switch has received so many great titles as of late. From classics to AAA titles, there’s been something for everyone to get excited about. You can add Super Mario Maker 2 to that list. This build-your-own-level game originally debuted on the Nintendo Wii U back in 2015. Now, it’s coming to the Switch sometime in June. The news was confirmed in a recent Nintendo Direct earlier in the week.

If you’ve ever played the original Super Mario Maker or the sequel, you know just how fun this game is. You create your own Super Mario courses. There are plenty of assistive tools available, as well as guides that break down the game’s basic controls.

That’s right. You can create levels however you so please and play through them any time. The only downside is you can’t place a checkpoint. Each level can only be completed in one run, and some of them can be pretty long.

Users can make their levels easy, moderate, or difficult to play through, depending on what type of challenge they want to put their friends through. Levels can be saved and sent to the community as well, where players can test out their skills with Mario.

The construction kit that’s available is pretty straightforward. You can craft different obstacles and put in different effects. There are so many creative directions you can go in. If you want to take a break from creating distinct levels, community-made levels are available. It’s fun to see the creative direction other gamers go in with their designs.

There’s also a 10 Mario Challenge mode. It includes 68 stages that are all unique in their own way. You have a total of 10 lives to get through them. They’re not overly difficult to complete, especially if you have some history playing this type of platformer. The mode is a nice change of pace when you’re just looking to cruise through some levels in one sitting.

The fact that you can get so creative when designing levels on the Switch is pretty fascinating. There’s even a feedback feature for every level created, so gamers can see how others have received their work and adjust if necessary.

There are hours of fun to be had with Super Mario Maker 2, and it’s completely exclusive to the Switch. It’s certainly a game worth checking out time and time again, even if you’ve never played a Super Mario game before.