Summerfall Studios Ends Fundraising Campaign For Chorus: An Adventure Musical, Development To Start Soon

Summerfall Studios Ends Fundraising Campaign For Chorus: An Adventure Musical, Development To Start Soon
Credit: Game Clips And Tips via YouTube

The fundraising campaign for Chorus: An Adventure Musical ended with a total of $690,079 raised.

The amount is more than the $600,000 target of Summerfall Studios to develop the game.

Just like the name suggests, Chorus is billed to be an interactive adventure musical. It takes inspiration from such musicals as Wicked, Buffy: Once More with Feeling, and Hadestown. For video games, the makers were looking at Life is Strange and the Dragon Age franchise.

The interactive musical works like Karaoke, although the player will affect the outcome of the song. Here is a video example of the Minotaur song to better understand the format.

Despite the flimsy title, Chorus: An Adventure Musical has an all-star cast. The game is written by David Gaider, who penned BioWare games. The music is scored by Austin Wintory, who won the best song in a video game for The Banner Saga 3. The title of that song was “We Few Who Remember it Now.” He also won the best soundtrack in 2017 for ABZU.

Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Batman: Arkham Origins) and Laura Bailey (Street Fighter, Fullmetal Alchemist) are also on board.

The story is simple enough. Grace is not having a very good day. The new singer of the band stumbles into the apartment, and she is dying. Before she dies, however, she tells Grace that she is a Muse. If that is not weird enough, she ends up getting the dead Muse’s power.

Now, it is up to Grace to prove that she has nothing to do with the Muse’s death. Failure to do so will mean her life. However, instead of proving her combat skills, she must prove her innocence through a series of songs.

Her fate and life will depend on the judgment of the Chorus–whose members include celestial beings. As it happens, all the members are relatives of the Muse.

Throughout the game, you will have a chance to know the gods and mythological beings. You may even fall in love with one of them. But the most important thing is to unravel the mystery of who killed the Muse.

Summerfall is the brainchild of Gaider and Liam Esler (Baldur’s Gate), and Chorus: An Adventure Musical is their first project. So, a lot is riding on this new venture. The two are fans of the narrative game genre, which they claimed has gone into a rut in recent years.