Call Of Duty Mobile Has Almost Reached 150 Million Downloads Since Launch; Is A Testament To Its Fun Nature

Call Of Duty Mobile Has Almost Reached 150 Million Downloads Since Launch; Is A Testament To Its Fun Nature
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Call of Duty franchise is alive and well at this moment in time. It has been going strong for years now, which is a testament to the solid backing from die-hard fans. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare just released for all major consoles, and thus far, it has received a ton of positive praise.

However, it’s the mobile version that has been pretty outstanding out of the gate. It came out just a month ago, and already in the span of one month, has amassed a lot of downloads. Right now, it’s at around 148 million downloads. That’s quite an impressive feat for any type of video game of this modern era. The downloads are from both Android and iOS.

According to recent statistics, Call of Duty Mobile is now the second best-selling mobile game in the first month of launch. The game coming in at number one is Pokemon Go, which comes as no surprise. Even still, it’s clear fans are loving what the developers at Tencent Games have achieved.

It’s pretty surprising to see just how true this mobile game is to the COD franchise. There are plenty of multiplayer modes to enjoy, although Team Deathmatch still is one of the best offerings. There’s just something so special about taking down an opposing squad using a smartphone or tablet.

Like most other COD games, there’s a progression system that keeps you coming back for more. The further you play and the more kills you get, the more weapons and attachments you can unlock. There’s a good variety of weapons too, whether you like sniping from a distance or taking charge with a powerful shotgun.

You would think that using touch-screen controls would be quite difficult for a COD game, but that’s not entirely the case. The controls are actually quite easy to use. Sure, they’re not as responsive as what you would hope for in an actual controller, but they’re serviceable enough to have a good time.

The one major problem is sometimes pressing the wrong area of the screen and then performing an action you didn’t intend for. This doesn’t happen too often, fortunately. Call of Duty Mobile even has a battle royale mode if you can believe that.

Best of all, this mobile first-person shooter is completely free to play. You can experience so much content and play with friends online for no charge. It doesn’t get much better than this in a mobile game.