Suicune Will Be Returning For Raid Day This Weekend On Pokemon Go, Another Chance To Catch This Legendary Pokemon

Suicune Will Be Returning For Raid Day This Weekend On Pokemon Go, Another Chance To Catch This Legendary Pokemon
Credit: Niantic

The final Pokemon Go Fest of the summer in Yokohama, Japan has finished. The event wrapped up, but players had a chance worldwide to complete community events. This is the same as all previous Go Fests that the studio held and as they were completed rewards for all players are unlocked. A bunch of bonuses is available this week including another chance at the Legendary dog Pokemon Suicune.

Other then Suicune players that are active during August 13-20 can earn triple the amount of Stardust for all captures and hatching pokemon eggs. You also get 3,000 Stardust if you participate in Raid Battles. Star Pieces that are used during this week will also last for one hour rather than the normal  30 minutes.

On Saturday, August 17, Suicune will be making an appearance in five-star Raids. The Pokemon will be available from 4-7 PM local time only on that day. You also have a chance at encountering its Shiny form during the Raid hours.

Suicune is not alone in its reappearance as Rayquaza will also be returning to Raid Battles for a limited time. Rayquaza will be appearing randomly in five-star Raids until September 2. This will also be the first chance at catching a Shiny Rayquaza.

The next Community Day is set for September 15. The featured Pokemon for that event will be Turtwig, the Grass starter from diamond and Pearl. Turtwig will spawn in the wild more often than normal, and a shiny Turtwig will be available. You also will be able to earn triple the amount of Stardust for each Pokemon you catch during the event.

Community Days are super popular events for fans of the game. Even in small towns, many players gather together for a chance to share in a communal passion. The community is friendly, active, and always happy to help new players learn their way through the mobile game.

The game is free to play, and all Community Days are free as well. There are a lot of opportunities in this mobile game for players and very little need to ever spending real money. It is a great game for kids, teens, adults, and people who go on walks. If you have not had a chance to look into Pokemon Go but love the franchise itself, this is a good time of year to get involved.

Pokemon Go is available on both iOS and Android Devices. It is never too late to get started, and with an active community behind it, there are tons of players to help you find your start in the game.