Knights And Bikes Is a New Adventure Game From Double Fine, Release Date Officially Revealed

Knights And Bikes Is a New Adventure Game From Double Fine, Release Date Officially Revealed
Credit: Double Fine Productions

Double Fine was absorbed by Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studio in June of this year. Even with this change being made, the company is still hard at work publishing their action-adventure game Knights and Bikes. The game was revealed by Foam Sword which is a company composed of former members of Media Molecule. The game will be a hand-painted adventure game that will eventually launch on PlayStation 4 and PC.

The announcement was made on Twitter. The game has officially gone gold which is an industry term signifying the game has passed all necessary forms of certification. It will be officially ready for printing and distribution.

The game did start as a Kickstarter project in February that collected more than $121,000 within only a few weeks. Shortly after the money was collected development began, and the fan’s urge to play the game officially started. The game comes after two years of devlopment with an official release date set far after the expected April 2017 release window.

The game is set on a British island in the 1980s. You control one of two friends or play with a friend and coop as both characters, as you search for exciting and dangerous treasure on the island. The game has a very Goonies tone and is kind of a coming-of-age story for these friends.

The game was developed with co-op in mind, so it is encouraged to find friends and experience the journey together. You can still play in single-player mode with a very smart AI helping you. If you do choose the single-player option, you can easily switch between characters mid-game.

It is a journey through an imaginary world that you could easily tell was created by kids. You are a noble knight on your bike, and you must pedal through danger facing threats like water-balloons, video game controllers, frisbees, and powerful beats of amplified music. While doing so, you stuff your pockets with a treasure that only a kid would value.

Many are expecting good things from this title as it has an almost nostalgic vibe. The game is a very casual and enjoyable adventure in a childhood that only some could experience. It has been a long time coming for this game as fans have waited two years for its release. Players are ready to live a fictional childhood and be the knights on bikes.

This game will be fully released on August 27 for both PC and PlayStation 4. You can get your copy of the game on either Steam or the PlayStation Store and enjoy the new Double Fine production.