Stellaris: Recent Update On The Federations Brings New Space Diplomacy In The Galactic Community

Stellaris: Recent Update On The Federations Brings New Space Diplomacy In The Galactic Community
Credit: Paradox Interactive via YouTube

This week at the PDXCon (Paradox Interactive’s Annual Fan Conference), Federations, the next DLC for Stellaris, was announced as the recent update. The agenda of the update aims at the game’s diplomacy after a series of expansion has added more information to the military, interstellar politics, and economy of the large space 4X better. Gamers can also add higher resolution when playing, so they increase commitments to profit gains and mutual defense. a

The alarming truth happens to be that federations have been coexisting with <em>Stellaris</em> from the beginning. They were mainly building bridges of cooperation between sovereign realms. But with the recent update, they’re getting a massive upgrade. However, fans are still skeptical about older sects like the old school, Star Trek sort – now called Galactic Union –, Martial alliance, Hegemony, and Vanilla. Well, nothing new for those federations.

The Paradox Interactive will be adding more specialized federations like Trade Leagues for monetary gains allegiance and Research Co-ops for nerdy factions. More federation members and a maintained agreement will enable the Federations to rank up and acquire mechanical perks. I.e., an increased federation naval force size.

Added New Features and Species

The Federations expansion allows gamers to team up with the new sect (Martial Alliance, Hegemony, and Trade League) throughout the galaxy. Stellaris players will also have to participate in the intrigue by positioning themselves as various leaders of this new ‘galactic court’ (by chance some Ruler of a faction). They will do this by punishing those who might defy their rules.

Paradox also added a new ‘Origins’ feature. These features help the foundation for their growing space empire, which allows them to change certain beginning conditions based on their preferred background. Similarly, new construction alternatives are also available such as a wide mobile starbase called the Mega Ships and Juggernaut that stirs tanks faster than before.

As for the new species, the Lithoids Pack comes with sapient rocks. These special-gargoyles have characters that have a long life span that colonizes almost any sect. The purpose of these species is mineral production, because of their genetic make-up, rocks!

Another essential feature is the Galactic community, a prototypical ‘Space UN’ similar to the galactic court. Gamers meeting their star-space neighbors creates such a society. However, this community is not created based on rules of any sort; players are free to opt-out and still be more welcomed than the insiders.

Finally, gamers should avoid leaving the sect after having joined, because their characters are likely to be disciplined.