Steam Lab’s Experiment 009 Gives Players A Filterable News Hub

Steam Lab’s Experiment 009 Gives Players A Filterable News Hub
Credit: Steam Official Website

Steam Lab has recently released its newest experimental feature. Those who use Steam to play games can now stay tuned to their favorite developers and publishers through the News Hub.

Gamers can easily access news from their favorite developers and publishers. The hub also has additional features so that players can customize the content they see.

The Steam News Hub helps gamers find all of the events, news, and other activities happening in games within their library. The news is accessible through desktop browsers, the Steam Launcher, or the Steam mobile app. If players are unable to play their favorite games, they can stay tuned to any recent news.

The official news post on Steam went into detail with some of the features on the News Hub.

One of the most notable features for gamers is life events. Players can watch developer livestreams, see important events happening now like bonus XP weekends, or special sales with a set time limit.

Further down the page are recent events related to games within players’ libraries, like new updates or recently added DLC. This list also includes any recent patches made to games that downloaded automatically without players noticing.

Included in the News Hub are events and announcements, plus upcoming events. Players can set reminders for the events they don’t want to miss by clicking it twice. The events and announcements feature was added in September 2019, but since it has become such an important feature in Steam since launch, it’s also included in the new hub.

On the News Hub, content can be filtered according to what a player wants to see. Those that don’t want to see livestreams can deselect it while choosing to see posts from games that are recommended by Steam.

Before accessing the News Hub, games must log in with Steam. If players don’t have a Steam account, it is free to create.

All players can access Steam’s News Hub now, but this isn’t the experiment’s final form. Steam is listening to user feedback before officially rolling out the feature, or deciding to stop development on the new project.

Steam Labs are various experimental features that the company makes available for players can test, share, or try to break. Gamers can share their feedback with the developers to help build a better product that can be enjoyed by all Steam users.