Steam Key Available For The New 2D Adventure Side-Scroller Mable And The Wood

Steam Key Available For The New 2D Adventure Side-Scroller Mable And The Wood
Credit: AJBRUN via YouTube

Mable and the Wood has won over critics and players alike, even if the plot is not exactly new.

Developed by TripleVision and published by Graffiti Games, the title is a 2D action-exploration game starting a little girl. But this is no ordinary girl. For one, she can shape-shift. Second, the fate of the world rests on her small shoulders.

When Mable kills a beast, she will take the form of that animal, including its own powers and skills. However, the immense power she wields is destroying the very world she’s trying to save. Therein lies the dilemma.

You are tasked to find the source of the darkness that is consuming the world. But it’s up to you whether to destroy the darkness or join it.

If you don’t like to slay your way through the game, there’s another way to do it. There are several pathways and entrances in the game, which will help you avoid facing the monsters.

Mable and the Wood is the result of the Kickstarter by Andrew Stewart created back in March 2016. It just managed to exceed its goal of £7,000 ($8,700) to get the game going.

There are four elements of the gameplay: 

  1. Tread your own path — You can choose the stages you want to tackle first. You can also avoid conflicts altogether by using stealth.
  2. Combat — You like violence? Then this method will allow you to attack beasts and monsters while you try to unravel the mystery.
  3. Shape-shift — When you kill the bosses, which are considered to be the last of their race. Once you kill them, you can take their form. The beastly form doesn’t last long, but you can extend it further by killing more beasts.
  4. Grow your power — You can make Mable more powerful, but time is of the essence. The world’s color is fading, and that makes the journey even more dangerous.

Meanwhile, PCGamesN said it has 10 Steam keys available for people who are interested in Mable and the Wood. The free keys are very limited, so people need to enter a raffle to get that privilege.

You can also go the official Steam page for more information or if you want to purchase the game.

Mable and the Wood was released on Aug. 24, 2019, or two years after its expected launch date. The game can be played on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Linux, and iOS devices.