The Behemoth Confirms The Remastered Version Of Castle Crashers Is Heading To The PS4

The Behemoth Confirms The Remastered Version Of Castle Crashers Is Heading To The PS4
Credit: The Behemoth via YouTube

A couple of months ago, The Behemoth revealed that the remastered version of Castle Crashers was heading to the Nintendo Switch. The original launched back in 2015 for the Xbox One. According to reports from the developers directly, the remastered version is also heading to the PS4.

That’s good news for PlayStation gamers as this is a pretty great beat’em up. It will be joining the Switch version on the same day, September 17. That’s just a couple of days away. As far as the gameplay, Castle Crashers has a very arcade-like feel. You move around 2D environments and hack your way to victory. Along the way, you’ll encounter various enemies and bosses.

The visuals are particularly unique. As mentioned earlier, they have a 2D design. The colors are vibrant and full of personality. It’s quite easy to see Castle Crashers as a television show on the Cartoon Network. The remastered version is unique in that it features an ultra texture quality mode, as well as a better framerate. These additions just improve upon an already great-looking game.

There are a wide variety of modes you’ll be able to select from, including the arena and insane modes. The former lets you battle against other players either solo or in teams. The insane mode lets you test your mettle in the campaign with added difficulty. Up to four players can join in locally or online.

There are also plenty of characters to choose from and even more weapons to utilize in combat. The further you progress, the more attacks you’ll be able to unlock. You have several different categories to upgrade throughout the game, including strength, defense, agility and magic. Which domains you improve depends on your style of play. You can’t go wrong with either of them, however.

Playing in a group and taking down baddies is a recipe for hours of fun. If one of your teammates falls low on health, you can restore them before they’re forced out of the match. As far as the campaign, you have the ability to visit shops after each stage. It is here where you can purchase unique items that come in handy during battles.

Whether you want to play solo or with some friends, Castle Crashers Remastered is a great title to add to your PS4 collection. Gameplay is amazing and you even have access to all of the updates that have come out thus far.