Stardew Valley Guide: Obtain The Galaxy Sword And Slay Your Enemies With This Out-Of-This-World Weapon

Stardew Valley Guide: Obtain The Galaxy Sword And Slay Your Enemies With This Out-Of-This-World Weapon
Credit: Concernedape via Youtube

Stardew Valley has been out for more than 4 years, and each day new and veteran players alike log on to farm, fish, and schmooze their way through the game. One of the most important aspects of the game is the combat system, and there’s only one sword you should be using: the Galaxy Sword.

The Galaxy Sword is Stardew Valley’s highest-damaging sword in the game with a whopping 60-80 damage range and a speed of +4. It’s imperative to obtain if you want to make it far in the Skull Mines. However, this sword comes at a pretty hefty cost to your time and energy, not to mention a personal sacrifice of a very precious gemstone. More about that in the article below; for now, the first step to obtaining the Galaxy Sword is to reach the bottom of the mines near Robin’s house.

As you get closer and closer to the bottom of the mines, your chances of finding a Prismatic Shard increase as the monsters you encounter have the chance to drop rarer and rarer items, shards included. Also found in greater numbers towards the bottom of the mines are Omni-Geodes.

Omni-Geodes, when broken open by Clint, have the highest chance of any method in the game of producing a Prismatic Shard. Save up your Omni-Geodes and wait for the spirits to be in a happy mood. Take them to Clint to have him bust them open for a small fee. This will also likely help you fill out your Museum Donations to Gunther at the library.

This is going to be a pretty drawn-out process, as you’ll need to be farming and finding other ways of making money other than going to the mines. The best times to go are when it’s raining, and during the Winter when you have no crops to water.

You’ll also need to be working on your Community Center bundles during this time, as you’ll only be able to obtain the Galaxy Sword after unlocking the Desert. To unlock the desert, you’ll need to complete the Community Center Bundle that fixes the bus.

Once you’ve finally obtained the Prismatic Shard, it’ll be tempting to donate it to Gunther. You’ll want to keep it, however, as when you gain access to the Galaxy Sword, it’ll make delving into the Skull Mines much easier. The Skull Mines have a much higher chance of producing rare materials the further you go down.

Take the Prismatic Shard to the three rods sticking out of the sand at the top right portion of the Desert. Hold it in your hand, walk into the indention in the very middle of the three rods, and voila, you’ll have obtained the Galaxy Sword!

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