Star Wars The Old Republic Updates To 6.0.2 And Brings Life Day Into The Game

Star Wars The Old Republic Updates To 6.0.2 And Brings Life Day Into The Game
Credit: Snoogans460

The December 12, 2019 update brings in patch 6.0.2 into Star Wars the Old Republic, and with it, a lot of updates. Coming in with this update brings the start of a new PVP season, general quest updates, fixes to Tacticals and class sets, and a new series of quests. But the most important of these updates is the return of the Holiday event, Life Day.

Starting with ranked PVP, season 12 begins on this day. All players who participated in Season 11 will find their rewards waiting in their mailboxes, and they’ll want to review the Warzones section below for a list of changes coming in Season 12.

6.0.2 also brings in new missions on Mek-Sha. The Mek-Sha Tradehouse is looking for assistance acquiring goods from across the galaxy in a new series of daily quests available after completing the Onslaught Mek-Sha storyline.

And as previously mentioned, Life Day has returned. Denizens across the Star Wars galaxy get ready to celebrate Life Day, which will run from Tuesday, December 17th to Tuesday, January 7th. Players can throw snowballs and earn rewards for doing so, so players will want to get out there and enjoy themselves.

December also brings about the Star Wars the Old Republic Eight Year Anniversary. As of December 20th, the game has been around for eight years. And to honor this momentous occasion a special “Anniversary Personnel” vendor can be found on the fleet offering special rewards from Tuesday, December 17th to Tuesday, January 7th.

Also, even though it was not in the patch notes, Eric Musco confirmed on the forum post about the update that Jedi Consular companion Tharan Cedrax will finally be returning for Consular players after his appearance in Onslaught’s Corellia flashpoint.

But of course, no patch goes by without fixing and modifying existing things within the game. Some general fixes include using items on training dummies to adjust their health now appears in the combat log. They also corrected an issue where item ratings and stats were not being properly applied while on Dantooine. Star Fortresses, a quick series of group events, now properly scale the player.  They fixed also fixed an issue where the taxis on the Republic Fleet used to through the environment. And the last of the general fixes is that Operation group frames will no longer show health values over 100%.

They’ve fixed some issues with classes and combat as well. For example, tooltips for abilities with absorb shields now update their values dynamically for Imperial Agents, Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, and Troopers. Also, players who want to do testing via their combat logs on training dummies can now disable guild perks by using any of the items that modify the health of training dummies. Traveling to a new location will reapply the guild perks to your character.

They’ve also fixed issues with the classes themselves and their disciplines and tacticals. The Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior have some fixes the Sentinel Tacticals, The Frenzied Power, where it has now been added to the Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior fleet vendor, and they now make it so Valorous Call/Frenzy build a Force Clarity/Furious Power ability charge.

The Guardian and Juggernaut had an error fixed where they would erroneously trigger a “Cannot be used while stealth” message, since neither of the classes has stealth abilities.

The Jedi Consular had a fix, where the Jedi Shadow set, the Death Knell, had its set bonus for 6 pieces not lasting the intended 30 seconds.

The Operative, an Imperial Agent class, had an audio glitch where the Frag Grenade ability not playing an explosive sound as intended. This has also been fixed.

The Bounty Hunter and Trooper had some issues with their Powertech and Vanguard classes. The Pyrotech and Plasmatech had issues with Perilous Flames and Hazardous Heat. They now increase the damage of Scorch/Plasmatize by 20%.

Consuming Flames and Overcharged Plasma now increases Immolate/Plasma Flare’s damage by 40% after Searing Wave (up from 20%). In addition, the critical chance of Immolate/Plasma Flare is increased by 10%.

They also did some fixes on crew skills. Crafted items that are deconstructed will now always drop materials related to their profession as intended, and they reduced the number of materials required to craft items of Premium, Prototype, and Artifact quality that were introduced in Onslaught.

Crew Skill Missions now drop more Premium quality materials, and wealthy yield Crew Skill Missions now reward more materials. They’ve also made it so Crew Skill Missions that show as “grey” difficulty has had their failure rate reduced.

They increased the probability to learn an upgraded schematic from Deconstruction and made it so Solid Resource Matrixes are no longer required to craft items below Artifact quality. They also rebalanced the overall in-flow ratio of materials by quality to be more in line with crafting costs.

And finally, they added Crew Skill Mission trainers to Onderon.

It is no longer possible for a player in a 16-player Operation to receive no loot in rare situations.

Updating the items and economy, Ranked Season 11 rewards have been moved to the prior year rewards vendor, and they’ve corrected the preview and unlock for the Hunters Lodge Rug (Red) and Onderon Rug (Red) Stronghold Decorations.

Kira and Scourge, the returning Jedi Knight companions, have had their armor in Onslaught icons restored.

An annoying glitch that was recently fixed was that the Satchel of Crafting Materials (Grade 11) can now be opened by characters of any level.

They’ve made it so the Personnel Decorations that drop in Objective Meridian have had their maximum unlockable quantity set to 999 (up from 1), and they updated a number of instances where Renown Crates, the current system, were referred to as Command Crates, the old system.

And speaking of Grade 11 crafting materials, satchels of Crafting Materials from Conquests now contain Grade 11 materials as intended.

They’ve made it so companions that are placed as Stronghold Decorations can no longer be pulled using the Extricate or Rescue abilities.

And finally, the Tech Fragment cap has been increased to 10,000 (up from 5,000).

The dev team updates a number of issues with missions and NPCs. For example, Theron Shan will no longer appear in cutscenes in the Objective Meridian Flashpoint for Republic players who killed him previously. They’ve also fixed a rare glitch where Imperial players who completed the main story mission “Securing the Plans” did not receive the follow-up mission “Failsafe” as intended.

They fixed an issue with respawning enemies instanced areas; Enemy NPCs inside phased areas during the Missions [HEROIC 2+] Junker Jott’s Crew and [HEROIC 2+] A Matter of Respect will no longer respawn.

They fixed a visual/audio glitch where Kira and Scourge will no longer say “they want to talk” when they do not have anything to talk about.

A glitch where the Space Combat Mission “Kalee Fortification” once granted a Space Mission Weekly Pass as a reward has been fixed.

They fixed an issue where  Shae Vizla, leader of the Mandalorians, would constantly say “Timber” all the time.

They addressed a long-standing issue where a number of instances where Mission markers would take players through opposing faction bases.

They made it so the Supply Boxes for the bonus Mission “Destroy Republic Supplies” on Onderon will now respawn faster, and fixed an issue where the map marker for Hidden Shipment Data on the Mission “[HEROIC 2+] A Matter of Respect” on Mek-Sha was not in the correct location.

The interactable items for the Mission “[Daily: A Simple Discourse]” on Onderon will now respawn faster, and the items required for the Mission “[Two Bird with One Stone]” will no longer spawn under the ground in some situations.

And finally, we come to the previously mentioned Warzones. The new requirements for Season 12 are as follows.

Players who decline a queue pop or who leave a match early for a Ranked Warzone will now be unable to queue again for 15 minutes.

They increased the Rating penalty received for declining a Ranked PvP queue or leaving a match early to 25 (up from 15).

They made adjustments to matchmaking which previously allowed a single tank or healer to prevent Ranked PvP queues from popping.

And in addition to needing to meet the minimum rating requirements, each Ranked PvP Rank now has a “minimum games won”. Players will need to win 25 times for Bronze, 50 for Silver, 100 for Gold, and to get on the leader board, they’ll need to win 200 times.

Between the coming events and the start of Ranked PVP Season 12, the patch notes for 6.0.2 are weighty. But with weighty patch notes comes a great deal of fixes to the game. Players won’t want to miss out on what’s coming after downloading the patch.