A Lot Of Great Updates Are Now Live In Fortnite Thanks To Latest Patch; Including Split-Screen For Co-Op

A Lot Of Great Updates Are Now Live In Fortnite Thanks To Latest Patch; Including Split-Screen For Co-Op
Credit: ASC_Danielking via YouTube

Fortnite is the premier battle royale game even to this day. It’s amazing to see how far it has come since first launching in 2017. A huge reason why this game has dominated the charts for so long is because the developer — Epic Games — knows when to add a major update.

Time and time again, this game gets better in various ways and receives themed content. It’s happening again thanks to the latest patch, which is now live for all major platforms. There are a lot of noteworthy improvements, so let’s break them down in full detail.

First up we have split-screen capabilities for those looking to play co-op matches. This has been a highly requested feature ever since Fortnite came out. The developers have finally listened and this should lead to some incredible shared experiences with friends playing on the same TV. The split-screen feature will be available for both solo and duo modes on the PS4 and Xbox One.

The ammo indicator has also been adjusted by Epic Games. Now, instead of just looking at a bar, there are figures players can see on their screen. The benefit here is knowing exactly how many bullets you have left before you need to find more ammunition. It should make the combat in Fortnite all the better.

If you visit the Item Shop regularly, you’ll be happy to know that the gifting item quantity has now been raised from 3 to 5. Thus, if you’re feeling generous this December as we draw closer to Christmas, you can give more friends awesome gear. That’s not the only change happening to the Item Shop. If you play Fortnite with a mobile device, you can now preview items without having to start a session. It’s a much more convenient way of seeing what items you would like to add next for an upcoming match.

These are just some of the updates. A bevvy of bugs have also been addressed. For example, some items and structures that have appeared pixelated have been revamped completely. Overall, these changes make Fortnite a better battle royale experience. These updates are starting to get more frequent as well, which just shows how much Epic Games cares about the community.

As it stands today, Fortnite is one of the best free games you can experience. Who knows how much better it will get in several months or a year’s time? One thing is for certain: There is always something new to look forward to.