Star Wars: The Old Republic New Expansion Pack Released In September 2019

Star Wars: The Old Republic New Expansion Pack Released In September 2019

A new expansion pack was announced for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the first time in about three years.

The expansion pack called Onslaught was confirmed on the game’s official Twitter account. The story will follow Darth Magus who is commanding the Sith fleet to assault the Republic. It is now left to the players whether to help the attack or stop Darth Magus.

Apparently, the war reignited between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic said the announcement on the SWTOR website. The war has sent a ripple effect across the galaxy. The resources have been declining as smugglers and pirates take advantage of the chaos. Crime ballooned.

But the commander of the Alliance has the opportunity to make a difference, as to what nobody really knows. It could spell the victory for the Sith Empire or the victor for the Republic. What’s clear is that the actions would change the fate of the galaxy.

As Darth Magnus prepare to assault Corellia, there’s infighting among the members of the Dark Council. Everybody wants to be the one to rule as they anticipate an easy victory. However, it’s not going to be as easy as they thought. The Republic has called out to allies and friends to defend Corellia to the death.

The Onslaught patch can be downloaded for free by all subscribers. Included in the update would be a whole new story, a Flashpoint, new operation, two new planets, and new skills.

In the Star Wars: The Old Republic, players will go to Onderon, described as a planet featuring dangerous beasts and wild jungles. You will also explore Mek-Sha, located inside a hollowed asteroid and serves as a fuelling station.

Mek-Sha is a different kind of urban jungle as pirates, smugglers, mercenaries, and refugees all converge there. Finally, you will find yourself on a Flashpoint in Corellia. There’s a new operation, which can be played on Dxun, one of the moons of Onderon. The operation can be played anytime.

Meanwhile, the Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion also introduces the Nautolans, which are playable characters.

Bioware also announced that built-defining items will be added to your gear slot. They have the ability to modify your skills and the way you play. However, the studio didn’t elaborate on how this can be done. The level cap has also been raised to 875.

While the Star Wars: The Old Republic Onslaught is free to subscribers, there’s a free-to-play version for everybody. The only problem, however, is that the level is capped to 50.