Square Enix Features Barret In a New Video On The Official Twitter Account For Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Square Enix Features Barret In a New Video On The Official Twitter Account For Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Credit: PlayStation Via YouTube

Square Enix has been profiling many of the main characters for Final Fantasy VII Remake now that we’re under a week until the game releases worldwide.

Recently, the developer shared a 26 second video showcasing Barret in action. He is the leader of Avalanche, the anti-Shinra rebel faction at the heart of the story.

“A faction leader of the anti-Shinra militant group Avalanche,” Square said of Barret in its official tweet. “Barret is filled with a burning hatred for Shinra, a company he claims is destroying the planet. His right arm has been modified into a firearm, allowing him to attack enemies at long range.”

Barret is the definition of a tough guy with a heart of gold. He is stoic, slow to trust, and quick to anger. However, beneath all of that bluster, there is a concerned citizen of the planet and a loving father. Barret’s daughter Marlene is the only family he has left. She is the reason he fights as hard as he does.

As for the gun on his arm, that is a result of a horrible incident involving Shinra.

Spoilers follow for the original Final Fantasy VII.

Barret grew up in the coal mining town of Corel. Eventually, the town was approached by Shinra to install a Mako reactor in the nearby mountain, and Barret was one of the citizens who argued for its construction.

However, an accident at the reactor was blamed on the townsfolk, and Shinra retaliated, burning the town to the ground. When Barret was attacked by Shinra troops on his way into town, a confrontation with the Shinra executive Scarlett left him with a crippled and ruined right arm.

In order to fight back against Shinra and gain his revenge, Barret had his arm replaced with a gun.

Barret was playable in the recently released demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake. He fights alongside Cloud through the Sector 1 Mako reactor. This is perfectly in keeping with the original game. Barret was the first party member you get and sticks with the group through all three discs.

Barret is a long-range fighter and can be used to attack enemies that are beyond the reach of Cloud’s sword. Barret is also one of the most important characters in Final Fantasy VII and it’s good to see him brought to life in such a new and stunning way.

The game officially releases on April 10 worldwide. However, due to COVID-19, Square shipped physical copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake early and many players already have the game.