Sony Is Scrambling To Shoot Down Leaked Footage From The Last Of Us Part 2

Sony Is Scrambling To Shoot Down Leaked Footage From The Last Of Us Part 2
Credit: Sony

The Last of Us Part II was just delayed indefinitely by Sony and Naughty Dog as a result of the ongoing issue surrounding the spread of COVID-19.

Just a few days after that announcement, a pair of leaked videos from the game hit the internet and started to spread like wildfire. Since then Sony has been trying to shoot these videos down wherever they may pop up.

While we are not going to show the videos here, we will be talking about them so beware of some mild spoilers for The Last of Us Part II ahead.

In the first clip, we see Ellie riding on a horse with Dina through the snow. It seems like another part of the patrol mission we had previously seen. As they ride along they’re casually chatting about a movie series.

The second video was a bit more interesting. It showed a guitar-based mini game featuring Ellie. The player has her strum the chords of the instrument by using a command wheel and swiping on the touchpad located on the DualShock controller.

Of course, Sony instantly pounced on these videos, creating copyright claims and having them shot off of YouTube.

The problem with leaks though is that they’re never fully plugged in the digital age. They continuously sprout up over and over again as fans are thirsty for any information they can get their hands on regarding this highly sought after sequel.

It should also be noted that the videos in question might not even be from the final product. Word is that it’s nothing more than leaked test footage and might have been cut from the actual game.

The indefinite delay to The Last of Us 2 has got the entire gaming world on edge. Especially considering how it was supposed to release back in February, but was pushed back to May before being held up in the air thanks to COVID-19.

“Logistically, the global crisis is preventing us from providing the launch experience out players deserve,” Sony said. Naughty Dog would also go onto say that the game’s development is very nearly done, and that they are in the middle of final bug fixes.

That means that, once this issue resolves itself around the world and Naughty Dog can continue on with its work, we should not have to wait too long before getting our hands on this game.

Of course, rumors surrounding the development of The Last of Us Part II have plagued the studio for some time. Namely, former developers are saying that they were pushed to work long grueling hours beyond the call of duty in order to get the game out on time.