Blizzard Teases Upcoming Content Linked To The Raven Lord In Heroes Of The Storm

Blizzard Teases Upcoming Content Linked To The Raven Lord In Heroes Of The Storm
Credit: Heroes of the Storm via YouTube

Blizzard’s MOBA title, Heroes of the Storm, is getting some new content sometime soon – but what’ll it be?

Blizzard took to Twitter to tease some new content without saying anything about what we should expect. We’ve placed the tweet below so you can judge for yourself, with Blizzard’s only real hint being the four words, “This will be interesting.”

The figure in the picture presented is the Raven Lord, an important lore figure in the Heroes of the Storm universe. If you’ve played, you’ll recognize his voice from Towers of Doom, one of the maps that pit players to battle either as one of his minions or as a servant of his opponent, the Gravekeeper. Players capture shrines to launch missiles at their opponent’s health directly, with the victor being whoever captures enough shrines. You’ll also deal with him as you win his favor on Cursed Hollow, collecting tributes to cause him to curse your enemies.

The Raven Lord is also the father of one of the champions in the game, the Nexus-centric hero Orphea. Orphea rejected her father’s power fled before eventually deciding to stand against him as a hero of the Nexus, becoming the first character original to Heroes of the Storm to be added to the title.

So now that we know who the Raven Lord is, what’s the content? At the Twitter reveal, fans seemed mixed in their reception. Some play the title because of its link to other Blizzard IPs and don’t care much to play with new lore figures, much preferring the addition of beloved figures from other franchises. Others are more than happy to see a new interesting lore figure coming to light instead of revisiting a classic Warcraft figure for the umpteenth time.

There’s also the question of what exactly should be expected as a release. Could it be a new map instead of a new hero, or perhaps a new game mode? The Raven Lord already deals closely with multiple maps, so another new map wouldn’t be out of the question.

What about the possibility of him becoming a playable champion? That might feel a little strange, given that he’s so incredibly powerful lorewise that placing him in battle would feel strange – on one hand, he’s omnipotent but on the other hand he just got killed by Jim Raynor in a few seconds flat?

Of course, you also can see the all-powerful Deathwing the Destroyer, former Earth Warder and cause of the Azeroth-wide Cataclysm, get 1v1’d by Murky, a baby Murloc, so it isn’t like the Raven Lord would be out of place there. Whatever Blizzard has in mind, we’ll just have to wait and see.