Some New Aircrafts Have Been Revealed In Microsoft Flight Simulator At This Year’s XO19 Press Conference

Some New Aircrafts Have Been Revealed In Microsoft Flight Simulator At This Year’s XO19 Press Conference
Credit: IGN via YouTube

As far as simulators go, one of the best in the flying genre is Microsoft Flight Simulator. This series is still going strong even to this day. We’re now approaching a new release in 2020, and according to announcements and screenshots, it’s going to be the best installment to date.

The graphics are looking downright jaw-dropping, so much so that it would be easy to confuse them for actual screenshots taken in real life. We’ve also seen a couple of images of the planes, which as expected, also look very authentic.

The game was discussed at this year’s Xo19. Microsoft took the liberty to confirm some of the planes that will be playable at launch. One of these is the Boeing 747 commercial jetliner. It’s known for its sheer size. Being able to navigate such a big aircraft through realistic settings sounds like an amazing time. It’s pretty safe to assume that it will have much different mechanics compared to the more compact planes.

Microsoft Flight Simulator also will be getting an aerobatics plane and a Citation twin-engine jet. To give fans a taste of what they’ll look like and how they’ll perform, a trailer reveal was just put out.

Right away, they look very detailed and spot on to what you would see in real life. That’s always been a great thing about this series. The developers put their hearts and souls into getting every detail perfect. You would be hard-pressed to find a more authentic video game, to be honest.

The Boeing aircraft looks absolutely massive. Microsoft really nailed down the scale in comparison to the other two planes shown. If you like performing dynamic moves in the air, then you’re going to love the aerobatics plane. It can perform aerial maneuvers like they’re nothing, including impressive barrel rolls. It seems like a plane that has limitless possibilities.

Finally,  the twin-engine jet looks butter smooth in the air. It seems like one of those aircrafts you’ll want to take out when you want a soothing experience close to the ground.

Judging by these aircraft reveals, the lineup of planes you’ll have access to in Microsoft Flight Simulator is amazing. There is plenty of variety that lets you find the perfect plane based on your preferred flight mechanics.

Who knows what else the developers will include in the game? One thing is clear: This flight simulator is shaping up to be all that everyone hoped for.