Some Exciting New Details Will Emerge On Marvel’s Avengers This Year At San Diego Comic-Con

Some Exciting New Details Will Emerge On Marvel’s Avengers This Year At San Diego Comic-Con
Credit: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

The Avengers are a pretty hot commodity right now. We’ve seen so many movies over the years, featuring these iconic heroes saving the universe and defeating some worthy foes along the way.

It’s only right that this super group is getting their own video game titled simply, Marvel’s Avengers. The hype was real when this game was officially revealed at this year’s E3. Unfortunately, a lot of fans were upset with what they saw.

Namely, the superheroes featured were not those from the movies. They looked and sounded completely different. The developers at Crystal Dynamics are apparently going in a different direction. They’re even working alongside Marvel directly to come up with something great for the fans.

There are many still hesitant about getting on board with this game, but Crystal Dynamics is confident they can make it work. To build hype for this upcoming title, there will apparently be a Marvel Games Panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

It’s being reported that there will be some exciting news regarding this game. That’s pretty much all we have to go off of. The news could be about anything really, but hopefully, it’s a sneak peek at some gameplay footage.

We didn’t receive any when Marvel’s Avengers was featured at E3. It was an unfortunate decision because fans weren’t really sure what this game was going to be. The Comic-Con panel could be the perfect time to give fans something to sink their teeth into.

How will these superheroes interact with each other? What will the graphics look like in real time? And most importantly, what type of game will this be? These questions need to be answered sooner rather than later, as the official release is not too far away.

We are in the dark about so many details in this game, and it’s causing a lot of gamers to question what’s to come with the Avengers. In addition to gameplay, it would be nice to see what sort of genre this game is going to be.

An action-adventure game certainly makes the most sense. Throwing in some open-world exploration also would be great to see. It would let Marvel fans interact with these superheroes like never before. A third-person perspective is also a good idea, much like what has been done in similar Marvel games.

At the end of the day, Crystal Dynamics is under a microscope. They have the chance to do something really great. Let’s just hope they listen to feedback from the community and give it their best shot.