SnowRunner Is Getting Plenty Of DLC Content After Launching On April 28

SnowRunner Is Getting Plenty Of DLC Content After Launching On April 28
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

When it comes to ice-road trucking, SnowRunner is the game putting this industry on the map. It features rough terrains, realistic driving mechanics, and beautiful environments. It’s exactly what you would want for a faithful ice-road trucking experience in a video game.

SnowRunner is currently scheduled to release April 28. There were be a lot of areas available at launch, but the developer Saber Interactive has plans of adding more shortly after. A seasons pass breakdown was just revealed, in fact, and it includes four pieces of DLC. So if you like games that receive a ton of support and content, SnowRunner is shinning bright in that department and it isn’t even out yet.

A couple of details on three of the DLC updates have come out. First up is Search & Recover, which takes place deep in the heart of Russia. Players can expect beautiful snowy landscapes with challenging terrains to overcome. New missions will be available too. One of which involves retrieving an old-school WW2 bomber.

Next up is Explore & Expand, which is set in Canada. It seems like the perfect location to get your trucking on while viewing some beautiful regions, filled with lakes, rivers, and much more. Some mission details have been revealed and they revolve around construction. You’ll be hauling all sorts of cargo to various work sites.

Lastly, Locate & Deliver is giving you greener pastures to enjoy in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. There won’t be snowy elements you’ll have to account for, but knowing Saber Interactive, you can bet there will still be obstacles to overcome.

There is one more expansion, but it seems like the developer is keeping details pretty close to their chest on it. Perhaps it’s them saving the best for last. Regardless, if you plan on picking up this truck simulation game in a couple of weeks, you’ll have plenty of future content to look forward to.

It’s always refreshing seeing a developer make plans of continuing support on a title even before it comes out. It shows that they believe the game will be a huge hit, and so far based on these recent details and past trailers, SnowRunner certainly has the potential to sell well out of the gate.

You can spend hours moving through well-detailed environments, testing your trucking skills in the process. It’s incredible seeing how much time and effort the developer has spent on this game and it doesn’t look like they’re stopping any time soon.