Sludge Life Has Been Announced From Devolver Digital, Set To Release On PC And Nintendo Switch This Spring

Sludge Life Has Been Announced From Devolver Digital, Set To Release On PC And Nintendo Switch This Spring
Credit: Devolver Digital via Youtube

Devolver Digital is bringing its vandalism filled game to the Nintendo Switch and PC this Spring. This is one of many titles that Devolver Digital is bringing to the frontlines this year, but this one is artistically strange with a unique mentality behind it. Sludge Life is a crazy first-person vandalism-centric game that will let you explore a world and tag it to your heart’s delight.

This is not the strangest title to come from publisher Devolver Digital this year. Sludge Life looks like it will be an interesting experience full of humor, fun, and paint. From the trailer alone, the word surreal would describe this title. It looks like just the kind of drug drip needed to see colors among the walls.

Roam the island to your heart’s content as you develop your reputation as the tagger GHOST. You have high dreams of becoming one of the graffiti elite on this small planet. As you explore the corporate landscape in this strange futuristic world, you will link up with other taggers and gain more reputation and friends.

This world is full of cranky people located on a back-end sludge covered world of toxic goop. The emotion found within this title is so prominent and in your face that you can almost taste it.

It seems to have almost a Rick and Morty level of not caring mixed with the artistic styling of a graffiti artist. There is a definite sense of rebellion within this title as you experience the thrill of vandalism from the safety of your home.

There is tons to do within this tiny open-world. You can find and download apps to your laptop, allowing you to play games within the game. Stand around and smoke some Ciggy Cigs brand cigarettes or take photos of some of the exotic fauna. If you get extra bored of the game, there is also a dedicated fart button and a cat with two buttholes available for your entertainment.

For those who want an early look at Sludge Life, Devolver Digital is making it available at PAX East. The game will be played on a 20-foot LED screen, and they politely remind everyone, no smoking.

Sludge Life will be available on both PC and the Nintendo Switch sometime this Spring. For more information, keep up with Devolver Digital on social media or check out the main Sludge Life website. This game is a perfect addition to your collection if you enjoy the exceptionally strange style of games.