Skyrim: Beyond Skyrim Announces Livestream Showing Off Progress And Responding To Fan Questions

Skyrim: Beyond Skyrim Announces Livestream Showing Off Progress And Responding To Fan Questions
Credit: Bethesda via Youtube

The Skyrim modding community is filled to the brim with selfless and talented mod authors, working together to create outstanding content for players everywhere. A pinnacle example of this is the ambitious team over at Beyond Skyrim, who have announced via their Youtube Channel plans to hold a live stream on April 25th.

For those unaware, the Beyond Skyrim project is a huge undertaking from a collaboration between several different modding teams. The goal is to bring “large continent expansion mods,” to the world of the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

In layman’s terms, the modding team is committed to recreating the settings from both the Elder Scrolls lore and older games in the engine used to create Skyrim, and release them for play to the Skyrim modding community. There are several different projects being worked on simultaneously, each with separate progress and estimated release date.

The team occasionally releases progress updates via their website at and on their Youtube and Twitch channels under the same name. These updates are always something to look forward to, as they offer glimpses of never before seen lands from the Elder Scrolls universe. In addition, the work done by the team is always both beautiful and extremely high-quality renditions, from the questing to the custom textures and models.

Beyond Skyrim has a mod available for play on the Nexus currently called Beyond Skyrim – Bruma. It is but a hint at what’s to come and features the area surrounding the city of Bruma. This location was featured within the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, but has been remastered within Skyrim’s engine. Beyond Skyrim – Bruma acts as a prerelease to the larger project of recreating Cyrodil within Skyrim’s engine.

This upcoming stream is scheduled for April 25th and promises a glimpse at the team’s progress with the following locations: Iliac Bay, Roscrea, Cyrodiil, and Elsweyr. The only projects not covered by the live stream are Morrowind and Atmora. The stream is a celebration of the Beyond Skyrim Youtube channel reaching 100,000 subscribers. Viewers will also have the chance to ask the developers questions about their upcoming projects and plans for the future.

For lore buffs and nostalgic fans of past titles alike, the Beyond Skyrim team is bringing something exciting and new to Skyrim’s game engine. Although the projects being undertaken are all extremely ambitious, fans can eagerly follow along with the dev’s progress to await the release of both Beyond Skyrim mods and The Elder Scrolls 6.