Skate Is The Official Name For Skate 4, According To The Game Developer Electronic Arts Inc

Skate Is The Official Name For Skate 4, According To The Game Developer Electronic Arts Inc
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In recent years, the debate over which skating game series is the best has included EA’s Skate and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

But 12 years have passed since Skate 3, which ignited the YouTube world and had us tumbling from our planks and shattering bones in our pursuit of the perfect kickflip, was released.

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But now, a follow-up is finally in sight. We’re all eagerly anticipating the release of Skate 4, so we can clean off our skates and attempt a 900 on the slopestyle.

The creators of Skate decided to reflect on all of these changes in the fourth installment of the series, which they refer to as “the real evolution of the series,” noting that over the past ten years, games have changed significantly, and new forms of monetization and multiplayer have emerged, and skateboarding itself has also undergone some changes.

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Multiplayer options and other forms of skater engagement are heavily staked. One of the features, for instance, will allow users to collaborate to construct skating zones, or “CollaboZones,” which will then show up in the worlds of other player groups. The lobby is currently being tested for 60 persons by the developers.

EA started looking for playtesters for Skate in June, and the development team acknowledged that it was a difficult choice to let users experience the game in the “or before” state.

But ultimately, they want to create this game with the players and seek their input as early and frequently as they can. Full Circle intends to invite a lot more players to the Skate, even if it won’t be able to “get everyone in this summer.” “In the upcoming months,” playtests.

Cuz Perry and Deran Chung originally revealed Skate in 2020’s EA Play, which was exciting news for the franchise’s fans who had been waiting since 2010’s Skate 3 for a new installment.