Dragonflight Seeks To Change The Fact That World Of Warcraft Expansions Is Cemeteries For Dated Features

Dragonflight Seeks To Change The Fact That World Of Warcraft Expansions Is Cemeteries For Dated Features
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The expanding set of features that have been abandoned throughout the years and presented for one or two expansions just to be forgotten when a new fancy feature takes place is one aspect of World of Warcraft that has regularly drawn criticism from its player base. You, artefact weapons, are in my sights.

But with Dragonflight, production director Patrick Dawson says the group is more interested in enhancing current functionality for the long term than in putting in a tonne of new features that it would eventually discard.

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According to him, one of the goals of Dragonflight was to make as much of it suitable for World of Warcraft’s ongoing existence as feasible.
Dawson refers to a few of the most important characteristics of Dragonflight.

It incorporates a far more customizable HUD with a sleeker default that looks to lessen the need for add-ons for informal play and a significant revamp to skills that will impact all periods of making, not just the additional recipes in Dragonflight.

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As well as bringing back skill trees, it adds new elements like ammo crates and default talent setups for players who don’t want to look for hypothetically constructed guidelines in every patch.

In contrast to its criticized strategy of introducing a new Power MacGuffin with its unique skills each time, Dawson guarantees that Blizzard aims to keep the trees close for several upgrades.

Although Blizzard has made efforts over the years to provide some of its earlier viable races with greater choices, Dawson distinguishes this from what the company did with the Dractyr.

He claims that rather than aiming for pure durability, upgrades to classic characters are more in the interest of depiction and allow users to identify with their heroes. But Blizzard is constantly looking to improve.

Although Dawson doesn’t anticipate many changes to other races before the release of Dragonflight, there may be opportunities in the future for changes to all races, such as the ability to customize different body shapes, a function the Dractyrs are working to develop in Alpha.