Silent Hill’s Art Director Masahiro Ito Teases He’s Working On A New Project

Silent Hill’s Art Director Masahiro Ito Teases He’s Working On A New Project
Credit: Silent Hill 3 via Nvidia

Masahiro Ito was an Art Director part of “Team Silent” of the Silent Hill Franchise. He’s worked on the first three games, then later as a designer on NightCry and Metal Gear Survive.

In 2012, it was believed he was moving to work with another Silent Hill title with Hideo Kojima, “If he were to demand it.” Unfortunately, that demand never came to light.

Recently on Twitter, Ito announced that he was working on a new game with a primary role. He also added an additional tweet stating, “I can tell you nothing yet.”

It’s unknown what the title could be since Ito’s Twitter title doesn’t give any hints. Ito’s official website linked on his Twitter account is no longer in service.

Ito often reveals facts about his work on Silent Hill. When fans ask him about the inspiration behind his creature designs, he’s replied with some feedback.

In early June of last year, Ito was asked about the nurses of Silent Hill 2. Ito responded that the nurses have some creepy references to what really happened to Mary.

One fan did try to get information into the mystery behind Pyramid Head. Ito replied, “I’m often asked, “What is the under the helmet of Pyramid Head?”. But I’m not gonna answer that question. Example, as soon as you are given the trick of a magic, the magic will be nothing to you. However, there is no way the helmet is the actual head of Pyramid Head.”

Though Ito is happy to share concept art and other design inspiration, he doesn’t want to give away all of his “magic tricks.”

Ito also gave some insight into the 2013 Silent Hill project that was unfortunately canceled by Konami. Likely due to NDA conditions, Ito would not give any major details about the canceled title. He has let fans know he asked Konami for permission to upload some of the concept art from the canceled Silent Hill sequel.

Ito has been working with Konami for decades. Even though he wants to share more about the Silent Hill series with fans, sometimes he isn’t able to without the risk of getting into trouble with Konami.

Time will only tell what Ito’s next project will be. Similar to what he expressed on Twitter, fans can only hope that the project he has a lead role in won’t be canceled or put on an indefinite hiatus.