Should You Do The Hwang Hee Chan OTW SBC In FIFA 21? This Already OP Card Gets A OTW

Should You Do The Hwang Hee Chan OTW SBC In FIFA 21? This Already OP Card Gets A OTW
Credit: EA Sports

You may have already come across Hwang Hee Chan this year in FUT 21. It’s an extremely overpowered card thanks to that huge pace stat, great agility stats, and his overall balance. The South Korean player plays for RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga and is already considered one of the best budget strikers in the league.

EA has clearly seen the popularity of the player and has brought out this extremely cheap SBC for Hwang Hee Chan. It’s coming in at under 15k on Xbox and PS4. With just one or two upgrades this card is going to be an absolute monster. For the price, it seems crazy not to do it.

Although it’s still early doors for FIFA 21, an 82 rated squad with one Bundesliga player is hardly hard to put together, especially if you’ve picked up any packs from objectives or squad builders so far. Even if you’re not planning on using a Bundesliga squad, Hwang might still be a good pick-up for future squad flexibility or a dirty super-sub.

Here’s a rundown of his stats from FUTBIN:

The breakdown of those stats clearly shows how strong this card is. With 94 acceleration and 93 sprint speed, the card fits well into the pacey meta so far in FIFA 21. Thanks to that 91 agility the card also feels very nippy on the ball, allowing you to turn quickly and maneuver around players.

Despite the fact the rest of his dribbling stats, shooting, and physicals aren’t great, the card is overall very well-rounded. With a few inform upgrades this card could provide a solid pacey striker from a popular league. At just 15k for the card, this SBC is almost definitely worth doing.

The card isn’t easy to link to other cards, despite the link to Heung Min Son. You’d need a solid Bundesliga base to fit this guy into your team, but it might be worth doing regardless. Some have compared the player to Werner from last year’s FIFA, and the card is pretty similar.

Will the card receive any informs? You can never say for sure, but that’s the magic of these OTW cards. There’s a bit of a risk when it comes to investing in them. However, you should keep in mind that this card is pretty cheap for its potential, and even with one upgrade, the card is still quite usable in the mid-game of FIFA 21.

Overall, I give this SBC a 9/10 – you should probably do this card!