Second “Takayamania” Yoshihiro Takayama Charity DLC Released For Fire Pro Wrestling World

Second “Takayamania” Yoshihiro Takayama Charity DLC Released For Fire Pro Wrestling World
Credit: Fire Pro Wrestling World via Steam

Spike Chunsoft has released the second Takayamania charity DLC for their wrestling themed game Fire Pro Wrestling World. The new DLC adds new elements in the game app themed around legendary wrestler Yoshihiro Takayama.

The Yoshihiro Takayama Charity DLC 2 is now available as part of patch update 2.11.0.

Yoshihiro Takayama was seriously injured in 2017. His friend, Minoru Suzuki, has helped fuel Takayamania with various New Japan Pro Wrestling events and other fundraisers.

The DLC includes Takayamania-themed rings, team logos, and new wrestler parts in edit mode for the chest.

“All Spike Chunsoft revenue accrued from this DLC will be donated to TAKAYAMANIA, a foundation established to help support Mr. Takayama and his family. Mr. Takayama was paralyzed from the neck down due to a wrestling accident during a match on May 4, 2017. The first charity DLC, released on December 18, 2017, has raised around 3,840,000 yen as of September 2019. Thank you for your contributions!” states the news update posted to the DLC page.

Takayamania DLC was included with the Fire Pro Wrestling World roadmap previously announced by Spike Chunsoft. The game is mostly considered complete at this point, but the developer continues to release updates and the remaining content before concluding development for the title.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is a pro-wrestling game developed and published by Spine CHunsoft. The game features various promotions in both Japan and America, plus it has an active modding scene. Most recently added were the pro-wrestling stars from the female promo STARDOM in late 2019.

Players have a lot of freedom to create new wrestlers or new promotions featuring some of their favorite existing stars. There are also unique scenarios to play through as original characters as they rise up to become stars in the pro-wrestling scene.

The newest DLC allows players to give back to a pro-wrestler as he recovers from a life-changing injury. It’s a joint effort for wrestling fans worldwide to help Takayama’s family.

The Yoshihiro Takayama Charity DLC Part 2 is available now for Fire Pro Wrestling World.

The next DLC scheduled for later this year is a batch of new wrestlers plus a new scenario written by Goichi Suda.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is available now for PC via Steam and the PlatStation 4.