Season 18 Of Diablo 3 Is Now Live And Has A Lot Of Important Updates; Including A Triune Theme

Season 18 Of Diablo 3 Is Now Live And Has A Lot Of Important Updates; Including A Triune Theme
Credit: Izuniy via YouTube

One of the most iconic and important series in gaming history has to be Diablo. It revolutionized the dungeon-crawler genre at the time. Even to this day, people rave about it being one of the best franchises to date that has an over-the-top perspective. We’re now on Diablo 3, which first released back in 2012. Even still, it receives update after update.

Season 18 is now live for Diablo 3 users, and there are a lot of new features worth mentioning. First off, this event will have a Triune theme. If you’re not familiar with this lore, it involves a ritualistic cult that worships the Prime Evils in the Diablo universe. Along with this theme is a Triune buff, which creates three circles with special abilities.

When you stand in them, you’ll gain some sort of power advantage or special ability. It’s a much-needed feature that should make defeating tough enemies much more feasible. Best of all, any user in Diablo 3 will have access to these special abilities. You won’t have to grind for hours or find some special artifact in a remote location on the map. Whatever your level or skill is, the Triune buff will be there when you need it.

The three Triunes available include the Triune of Love, Triune of Determination, and the Triune of Creation. Let’s start off with love. Standing in this circle lets you gain a 100% damage bonus. That’s quite a massive upgrade that should lead to victory no matter what enemies you encounter.

The Determination Triune provides a 50% discount on resources spent. You’ll thus be able to save a lot of resources for other important challenges and tasks. The Creation circle enables players to have faster cooldown times on whatever skills that are currently in cooldown mode.

Overall, these three Triune circles are great additions to an already fun and addicting game. Players will have more of a reason to move across the map to find these circles and benefit from their rewards.

That’s not all. There will be new cosmetic upgrades that give you the chance to change your character in unique ways. For example, gear in the Conquer Set is now available.

If you haven’t played Diablo 3 in a while, Season 18 is looking great. It should introduce new folds to combat that you have to experience first-hand. Blizzard Entertainment did an amazing job at giving users even more epic action to look forward to.