Rust Is Integrated Into Unreal Engine

Rust Is Integrated Into Unreal Engine
Credit: vgc

Rust and Unreal Engine have just been combined by Embark Studios developer Maik Klein. According to Klein, creating the platform compatibility for the programming language was a passion project that they worked on alone in their free time. The unrestricted shooter ARC Raiders is the main product of the Stockholm, Sweden-based game studio Embark.

The firm that created Firefox, Mozilla, is the sponsor of the relatively new programming language called Rust. Essentially, the goal was to maximize memory safety and decrease the likelihood of data races. Rust is said to as being memory-efficient and lightning-fast.

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It can power results services, run on embedded systems, and interface with other languages without a runtime or trash collector.

With regard to dependability, the scripting language features a robust type system and ownership model that ensure memory safety and thread security, allowing you to get rid of many different types of defects at creation time.

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I considered using Unreal as a renderer when writing a game in Rust a few months ago. After some consideration, I decided that it would take considerably more work than I was prepared to put into exposing the Unreal renderer to Rust via the C Foreign Function Interface, Klein said on their development blog. What if, though, I could just construct on top of Unreal?

Klein took action to make animated game elements move and play. The developer said that I didn’t merely want to rearrange things. I wanted to execute networking, play audio, handle physics, have 3D pathfinding, spawn components, and generate prefabs. This helped me realize that I didn’t truly want to use Unreal as a renderer. I desired to take full advantage of the engine.

Finally, Klein created Unreal Rust, a language that enables you to create video games using the Unreal Engine and Rust. Unreal Rust, based on its creator, is an authoritative Rust integration for Unreal.