Rules Aren’t Made To Be Broken In The New Retro-Futuristic Game: Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory

Rules Aren’t Made To Be Broken In The New Retro-Futuristic Game: Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory
Credit: Bigben Games via YouTube

In a retro, yet futuristic world humans seem to be living in perfect harmony with one another. Everyone is healthy and fit, and most importantly everyone is safe. In the game, Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory players can be prepared to enter an alternate and very strange universe filled with a story for the ages. The game Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory is brought to us by publishers at Bigben Interactive and developers at Cyanide, and Black Shamrock.

Inside the game, characters seem to be living in a man-made facility that has been titled the Alpha Complex. Inside of the Alpha Complex, everyone is just as you’d expect, happy.

It is made mandatory for the characters in the game to remain happy by following the rules and taking medications and exercising regularly, working enjoyable jobs and getting enough sleep. Any mandatory rules that are not followed by in-game characters are considered an act of treason.

The Alpha Complex facility is run by an entity known as Friend Computer who sees to it that the rules are being followed day and night. People who are playing the game will play as what’s called a Troubleshooter. A Troubleshooter is a person who makes sure everything in the Alpha Complex is running smoothly and that any suspicious activity or acts of treason are investigated.

As players continue throughout the game they will begin to realize that they are essentially on their own as the Friend Computer is everywhere, monitoring every action they take within the game. The trailer to the game does a fantastic job at showing just how tuned in to everyone’s privacy Friend Computer really is.

The beginning of the game trailer starts off happy and almost picture perfect and then soon changes into the images of the chaos that will take place.

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory was officially announced at E3 2019. The game is an RPG and allows players to choose their own skillsets through several different skill options available. The Troubleshooter that players will go through the game as well build and lead a team of other Troubleshooters through the real-time combat in the game.

Players can progress in the game through the cloning ability which can happen when a player dies.

The retro-futuristic society that is portrayed in Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory is set to be released in 2019. The game will be available to play on multiple gaming platforms including, Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.