Round 4 Of European’s League European Championship Playoffs, Origen Vs G2 Esports

Round 4 Of European’s League European Championship Playoffs, Origen Vs G2 Esports
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

After a dreadful series against MAD Lions, G2 Esports have bounced back in a big way against Origen by taking them down with a 3-1 series victory to move forward in the LEC Spring Split playoff losers bracket.

This still wasn’t the most convincing win from the defending European League of Legends champions. Although they were able to finish off the series without a fifth game, the team doesn’t look nearly as clean as they have been in past playoff performances where they would destroy teams in under 25 minutes.

Although the first game was a wash for Origen, the squad really improved over the following matches. Things became a lot more interesting after G2 lost the third match, but Origen simply couldn’t keep things together to make the reverse sweep happen.

The biggest reason why G2 were able to best Origen was due to their superior macro play. We never got to see the incredible skirmishing or individual outplays that we’ve gotten used to watching from the kings of Europe, but their macro was still extremely strong.

Origen’s macro, on the other hand, was so poor that they never seemed too strong, even with a significant gold lead. This indecisiveness and lack of confidence allowed their opponents to fight back and gain ground for themselves.

This loss marks the end of Origen’s road to the LEC Spring finals. Once more, this team has come up just short of the ultimate goal, and again it has come at the hands of G2, who have been their postseason kryptonite for a while now.

Meanwhile, G2 have risen up and stood tall over the competition once again. Now, they will have to face off against MAD Lions in a rematch of their first round series. Can they finally take down this young, hungry rookie pride that’s starving for success in the first LEC playoff appearance?

Origen should be proud of themselves after such a great season. They’ve played much better compared to the previous year and should look into improving even more to achieve a better seeding next season. After the disappointing previous series from Caps, he stepped up this game and carried G2 Esports to victory. Jankos showed everyone why he got the MVP this split with his ludicrous jungle performance. G2 will have to face either MAD next week to have a shot at taking Fnatic for the championship.

Stay tuned for more details about playoffs from all regions in the upcoming days.