Round 2 Of European’s League European Championship Playoffs, Misfits Vs Rogue

Round 2 Of European’s League European Championship Playoffs, Misfits Vs Rogue
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

After a 30-minute defeat in the first game of the League of Legends European Championship Spring Split playoffs today, Rogue came back stronger and scored three match wins in a row against Misfits Gaming to secure a spot in the next playoff round.

Both teams came into playoffs looking weak after losing four games in the last two weeks in the online LEC format. No one could predict which team would win based on their latest results. After Misfits Gaming won the first time, all odds were against Rogue.

Rogue reset their mental and came back looking much stronger in the next games. After a heroic play in the first game, Misfits Gaming’s ADC could not replicate his success in the next games, which led to the team lacking the damage to deal with the compositions Rogue built.

The Player of the Series title was handed to Finn “Finn” Wiestål, who played two games on Renekton and one game on Kled. While Renekton is considered an early game pick and useless if snowballed, Finn was able to exert a lot of pressure with him going into the mid-game, zoning out the backline of Misfits, which gave his teammates enough time to deal with their opponents’ frontline.

With this victory, Rogue advance to round one of the losers bracket where they will be facing Origen. The winner of their next match will face against a furious G2 Esports, who got knocked out to the loser’s bracket by the MAD Lions rookie squad.

Rogue had one of the best off-season roster upgrade. After a failed previous split, the organization came looking much stronger and was looking for a top four spot in the split, but failed by two places. They’ve finished their split on the sixth place, but looked in the first round of playoffs like a top three teams. Misfits Gaming on the other hand looked quite poor and their season is over for now. They should look to fix their flaws for the upcoming Summer Split to come back much stronger and get revenge on the Rogue squad.

Playoffs are always a place of ups and downs. After the MAD Lions took G2 Esports, craziness was expected to happen everywhere. Origen has carefully analyzed the plays of Rogue by now and will most likely knock them out of playoff contention.

Stay tuned for more details about playoffs from all regions in the upcoming days.