Rogue Legacy 2 Has Been Confirmed By Cellar Door Games, Is Currently In Development

Rogue Legacy 2 Has Been Confirmed By Cellar Door Games, Is Currently In Development
Credit: CellarDoorGames via YouTube

It’s a vague notice at best coming from Cellar Door Games, but it’s all we need to get the hype-train loaded and on the tracks; Rogue Legacy is receiving a sequel, and it’s currently being called Rogue Legacy 2. There is no further information readily coming from the studio in regards to Rogue Legacy 2, but it’s likely to be a continuation of both fantastic roguelike Metroidvania with bizarre themes the include a litany of issues for the various protagonists of your legacy.

The common belief is that we’re going to see more of the same that made Rogue Legacy a fantastic idnei game, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect as Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has just recently announced that the roguelike version of the game promised in Kickstarter has been canceled due to poor planning and development practices. There’s a bit of a gap in regards to roguelike Metroidvania’s, and Cellar Door Games is coming to fill it with guile and bluster.

The original Rogue Legacy charmed audiences with its less serious take on Metroidvanias and poking fun at human weakness, while still offering serviceable combat with a variety of classes against a litany of varied foes. You would control adventurers with near-sightedness, making everything near the hero blurry, or stereoscopic vision that made all enemies 2-dimensional. ADHD traits would make your character move faster through the levels while opting for a forgetful successor in subsequent runs would cause the vast majority of information on the map to simply not be displayed.

Rogue Legacy via Cellar Door Games

Yet as charming as the title was, there is absolutely room for improvement, primarily in the realm of combat and movement. Attacking and utilizing magic feels clunky even after five years on the market, and it pales in comparison to the titles of the more established developers, such as Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Closing the gap against enemies can be a bit tricky with controls that seem more sluggish than they do precise, and the limited attacks that each weapon offers mean you’ll likely find one class that you can succeed with, while artificially shortening your run when confronted with other classes like the Archmage or Barbarian King.

The slow progression through your heirs, however, is where the title absolutely shines, building up your keep and staffing it with various benefactors that can help your quest.

If Cellar Door Games can manage to shore up some of the rougher aspects of their Metroidvania offering, Rogue Legacy 2 is sure to do well in the current market, whenever it releases. If you’re chomping at the bit for more Rogue Legacy right now, however, you can install the game on Steam. Cellar Door Games has been working with a modder to help his dream come to life, and you can play through the entirety of the mod that is now included in the base game on Steam.