Rockstar Officially Confirms Brand New Feature Coming To Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Officially Confirms Brand New Feature Coming To Grand Theft Auto Online
Credit: Rockstar Games via YouTube

Developer Rockstar Games has finally confirmed that a long-awaited feature will be coming to Grand Theft Auto 5’s online world, with the announcement coming via the developer’s Twitter profile.

It was recently announced by Rockstar that casinos will finally be making their way into the world of GTA online, with the very first one set to be opened soon in Vinewood.

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games didn’t add any additional information regarding the casino aside from the fact that it’ll be coming to Vinewood soon. But, it’s probably realistic to expect the casino to be made available at some point in the next couple of weeks.

As you can tell from the Twitter post, the new Vinewood addition to Grand Theft Auto’s online world is being described as a “luxury casino.” As of right now, nobody, aside from the developers obviously, really knows what that means.

The update to the GTA online world will undoubtedly be a welcomed addition, as players have been requesting a casino ever since the night club update was released last year. Of course, some fans have already spotted and predicted where in Vinewood casino will be located, and only time will tell if they’re correct.

This likely won’t be the last update that Rockstar gives Grand Theft Auto online, as the studio has been regularly adding new stuff to GTA V’s online universe ever since the mode became available back in 2013. So, if the casino ends up being a big hit for GTA online, which it presumably will be, then players should expect to see a few more get added in the coming months.

In addition to adding new things to do in the world of GTA’s online mode, Rockstar is reportedly working on the next installment in the franchise. On top of that, it’s been heavily rumored that, for the first time ever, the next Grand Theft Auto title will feature a female protagonist.

As for which locations could be included in Grand Theft Auto 6, well, there could be multiple, as it’s been rumored that players will be allowed to travel back and forth between Liberty City and Vice City. On top of that, there’s been some speculation that the game might take players outside of the United States, likely to a fictional version of South America.

It’s also possible that the next installment of GTA will once again feature three playable characters, with the aforementioned female protagonist being one of the three.