Rocket League’s Blueprint Update Is Going Full Throttle With New Features, Including The Item Shop And Blueprints

Rocket League’s Blueprint Update Is Going Full Throttle With New Features, Including The Item Shop And Blueprints
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

The poetic mix of soccer and vehicular insanity is gearing up for a massive update in a couple of days.

Rocket League’s Blueprint Update will be rippin’ to all platforms on December 4th, at 10 am PST. With it comes a lot of significant changes, including free items from two prior DLC Packs, Blueprints, the introduction of the Item Shop, and of course, Rocket Pass 5.

First off, every player on every platform will get the cars and items from the Chaos Run and Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC packs.

Next, after specific online matches, Blueprints will become available. Blueprints will show the gamer an item that can be built when they use Credits. Players can then build the item, use it the way they want to.

So, with the introduction of Blueprints, unopened crates in a gamer’s inventory will be converted to Blueprints. They can reveal the Blueprints for free, and they will correspond to the same series of the crate. This means that crates are leaving the game entirely, and the Blueprints are the new cool kids in town.

Keys are hitting the dusty trail as well. They will automatically be converted into Credits following the Blueprints Update. This will be a new currency in the game — 100 Credits per Key, not a bad trade-off.

Gamers should note that all game purchases will be disabled a day before the big update. 9 am PST on December 3rd; players won’t be able to make any transactions, including DLC’s, trade-ins, and play-to-player trades. Developers are doing this to make sure no one buys any extra crates and keys, and to perform the significant conversion of items.

Lastly, about this topic, players can now archive items they don’t want to see in the inventory. Organization is key!

A new element of Rocket League that’s being launched is the Item Shop. Use Credits that are converted from keys to purchasing items. Items will be rotated daily, and gamers will be able to see the exact price, and whether it is Painted, Certified, or both.

The Showroom will be gone since the Item Shop is taking its place.

Rocket Pass 5 will be underway right after the update, and with it, new weekly challenges and a bunch of new items to unlock. Also, Competitive Season 13 starts, which means Season 12 rewards will be given out very soon!

Enjoy the big changes coming to Rocket League!