Riot’s Latest League Of Legends Patch Brings Buffs And Five New Pulsefire Skins

Riot’s Latest League Of Legends Patch Brings Buffs And Five New Pulsefire Skins
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

Riot Games‘ latest patch to their incredibly popular MOBA, League of Legends, has had its patch notes released. Authors Shio Shoujo and Mom Cat delivered a thorough overlook of the notes, highlighting the juiciest parts.

One of the fun things that’ll be added, before we drop into gameplay changes, is a set of new Pulsefire skins! Longtime players remember the days of Pulsefire Ezreal being the skin to have, and now a few more are being added to the arsenal.

Riot will be adding Pulsefire Ekko, Pulsefire Fiora, Pulsefire Pantheon, and Pulsefire Lucien to the roster. Those that are really big fans of the ADC can work towards Pulsefire Lucien Prestige Edition to set themselves apart with a bit more style.

Moving into balance and gameplay, we have seven champions going up and seven champions going down. Some much-needed buffs are being applied to some champions, while a handful of the stronger ones get knocked down a few pegs.

Our buffs come in the seven champions Annie, Irelia, Nidalee, Sivir, Soraka, Twisted Fate, and Udyr. The changes are as follows:

Annie: Annie’s E has had its damage reduction increased considerably, while Tibbers will also do double the base damage.  Additionally, Tibbers will scale with 1.2 AP rating instead of a flat 1.

Irelia: Having fallen to the “low end of pro,” Riot is pushing Irela back up with a modest increase to her E’s base damage.

Nidalee: Nidalee’s change is also decidedly minor, coming in an improvement on the damage of her Q. The damage ratio has been improved from 0.4 AP (1.2 AP maximum) to 0.5 AP (1.5 AP maximum), depending on distance traveled.

Sivir: The Shuriman ADC is getting a defensive buff towards her E. This buff will increase the amount of mana restored by a higher amount at lower levels, increasing considerably throughout the ranks.

Soraka: Soraka’s buffs are quite thorough, improving her offensive and defensive capabilities. The Starchild’s Q has had its damage increased considerably, while her W will cost less health.

Twisted Fate: The Gambler’s cards have been dealt in a much better fashion this time around. Twisted Fate’s ult will now cost only 100 mana, a 33% decrease from its original cost. Additionally, his attack damage and armor have both been increased.

Udyr: Finally, the dominant jungler is going to be coming back into play with a few buffs. Riot has increased his base movement speed by a modest amount, as well as rounding his Health, Mana, and Mana Regen each up to the nearest full number. All in all, this is likely to bring the animalistic champion back into dominance.

And those are all of the buffs coming to League of Legends! Keep your eyes open for the changes so that you know exactly what’s coming onto the Rift next time you queue up.